Positive Vibes: Rene LaVice

Positive Vibes: Rene LaVice

Tunes that instantly launch you into happy land… That’s what these Positive Vibes sessions are all about. Today we’re hooking up with Rene LaVice who doesn’t need to any launch tunes to put him in a smiley place. With his debut album Insidious out last week, he’s already there.

Need proof? Check him out on last week’s D&BTV session as he shows off his skating skills and explains how the likes of trail bars and gummy mix are essential ingredients for studio sustenance.

But just in case he ever needs a little assistance climbing the happy ladder, we’ve called him to find out how he gets there.

“Only three positive vibes? I got more than three, man. I got 20. Probably a hundred,” he laughs. “It’s all about association for me. Even if it’s a dark tune, if something good’s happened around that tune then it’s a positive vibe, right? For me to hear it first time and be instantly happy then I guess the ingredients for me would be anything with a rave piano in it. I love that classic rave sound. It always cheers me up. Or a big old soul vocal. That will do it for sure. Not all of them fit with that description, but here goes…”

Marky & S.P.Y – Yellow Shoes (download)

“It’s a nice happy tune. It’s not ecstatically happy but you’re grooving, you’re having a good time, just chill you know? I love this.”

Buzz – Sunshine

“A bootleg of Roy Ayers. Of course this puts me in a happy place! Who doesn’t love the sunshine?”

Dillinja – Bell Tune

“This is one of those tracks; a very light hearted party vibe. Everyone’s doing their thing then someone drops that and everyone’s pulling silly faces and bumping fists. I love it when that happens!”

Insidious is out now on Ram Records.
Listen and download.

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