Positive Vibes: Moving Fusion

Positive Vibes: Moving Fusion

moving fusionPositive Vibes: A chance for DJs to share three musical moments that are guaranteed to put the feel good flex into overdrive.

After last week’s smile-session with Fresh we thought we’d switch things up and recruit Moving Fusion for an extra special bassline remix. These aren’t just any old feel good flavours, each of these are low end monsters. And they’re all out-and-out classics from a whole other generation of cool.

“Not one of these is a drum and bass track,” grins Spar, one half of the duo. “I picked 12 to begin with. Getting this down to three was a nightmare!”

Moving Fusion

His selection process sounds a lot like the current frenzy going on in the Moving Fusion studio right now. Their walloping vocal roller Attention is out this week and they’re already working on several follow ups… Some of which are just as surprising as Spar’s selection.

“There are a lot of things in the pipeline, A LOT,” he laughs. “We’ve done some mad dubsteppy kinda stuff. Well, I wouldn’t say dubstep but the tempo is a bit different to what people expect from us. Plus a lot more drum & bass of course…”

15 years deep in the game and Spar and Jeff are still just as enthusiastic about the beats as they were when they first signed to Ram. Now firmly settled into the Viper camp, they seem more confident with their sonic science than ever before.

“Viper have been amazing,” Spar grins. “They’ve really looked after us. They’re always at the end of the phone. The bar’s raised man, the bar’s raised high and we’re constantly trying to push it further.”

In the meantime raise your own bars with this trio of bassline positivity. And while we’re chatting bottom ends, don’t forget…. Addicted To Bass is out this week, too. You know what to do!

Zapp & Roger – More Bounce To The Ounce

“You know this? It’s that funky old school vibe that’s influenced so many people including Snoop and Dre. All those Vocoders complementing it? It’s so cool! I think it’s one of those tunes that everyone knows but maybe can’t remember the name. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to tell people about it. Because if anyone reading doesn’t know about it… They do now! This is important history stuff right here. And it will never fail to make me grin.”

Blues Brothers – Peter Gunn Theme

“From the Blues Brothers film… Classic vibes! Late night, driving, smoky streets; I love this! The film’s a classic, I watched it when I was a kid and this particular tune has always stayed with me. How old is it now? About 30 years or so? This has been with me all my life! Deep and dark, so simple! Have I ever sampled this? I don’t know if you can tamper with such a classic. Can I tell about another tune that isn’t my selection? George Kranz – Din da Da. Now THAT’s a tune I want to sample. Back in the day business, you know what I mean?”

David Bowie – Let’s Dance

“The bass, the guitars, the vocals… David Bowie is a genius. Badboy writer! It’s not just the bass; everything about this puts me in a positive mood. If you ain’t wiggling to it, you’ve got a problem. That’s it. If you’re a bit young to remember this, get it know it NOW!”

Finally, Moving Fusion were kind enough to let us know their current top 10 tunes of 2012 so far.

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.
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