Positive Vibes: Fields

Positive Vibes: Fields

Destination Happy Place: Positive Vibes is a time for DJs to share their ultimate happy tunes. Tracks that put a massive grin on their face regardless of how much crap they have to deal with that day. Sometimes it’s just pure memory association. Others it’s the sheer vibrant musicality. Whatever; we’ve all got them. And today we’re getting a fine selection from Fields.

Not that he needs to be taken to a happy place at the moment; Fields has plenty to celebrate. This week sees the release of his second Utopia solo release… The deep, warbling roller Behind The Curtains and the lighter, more reflective string-coated groove Elemental. You may have already heard them; Hype’s been rinsing Behind The Curtains on his Kiss show and Fields has had a personal call from Spectrasoul bigging up Elemental.

“Yeah, well happy with that,” he tells us. “I love their stuff, so it’s a major compliment.”

Not that he’s hunting for compliments, either… He’s too busy! Whether he’s in the lab with his brother Villem and Stephen Redmore as Mute & Mako, or they’re all working on a massive four-way collabo with Hyrdo, or indeed putting together the finishing touches on a new Med School EP, Fields doesn’t really need to force a smile right now. But we asked him what constitutes a Positive Vibe track anyway…

“Anything that puts a big mile on your face,” he grins. “Sometimes it’s memory – that Snoop one is a proper history vibe – other times it’s just because it sounds good. All depends I guess…”

Behind The Curtain / Elemental is out now on Utopia Music. Listen and download right here.



Snoop Doggy Dogg – Lodi Dodi

“Snoop’s remake of Slick Rick’s classic track is still one of my top all time hip-hop tunes. Something about it just makes me want to sit back with a beer and a smoke and chill with that G-Funk bassline. Doggystyle was one of the first hip-hop albums I really got into, and the whole album never ceases to bring a smile to my face.”

Bjork – Hyperballad

“Although at first it seems like it shouldn’t be a true happy tune, Hyperballad breaks into the chorus and it’s one of those tracks that really takes over. It’s one of my favourite Bjork tunes lyrically and it always leaves me feeling happy and vibing after a listen.”

Max Romeo & The Upsetters – I Chase The Devil

“Reggae has to be the ultimate happy music hands down! There’s so many tunes that will put a big smile on my face, it was hard to pick just one. If you haven’t heard the Beatloaf dubsessions mix series then you should track them down. 6 mixes of pure back to back vibes! “



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