Planet Drumz Production Masterclass

Planet Drumz Production Masterclass

Original Sin and Taxman have linked up to share some fantastic production knowledge to a total of 50 fresh students. Jamie linked up with them to get the lowdown.

It’s great to see more producers willing to spend time teaching. What’s the structure of your classes?

“The masterclass is comprised of 6 one-to-one mentor track review sessions with Original Sin and Taxman. 24 videos uploads at a rate of 1 video per week (much in the same way a TV series would be uploaded to Netflix) and numerous question and answer sessions via the private Planet Drumz Academy Facebook page.

Students can watch the videos for the full duration of the course and 1 month after the masterclass course finishes, so you can pause, rewind and watch as many times as you need in order to catch every detail. Each video contains a wealth of behind the scenes production techniques and music theory.

We both have very busy schedules, both in the studio and playing at clubs and festivals around the world hence the reason why we decided to limit the attendance to 50 people.”

Do your students get any one to one feedback?

“Once a month we will be calling each one of our students personally to answers questions about the tutorials and review their latest production. Original Sin and I want to get the best out of everyone on the masterclass.”

How do the video segments work?

“Videos content will cover everything from full detailed breakdown of soon to be released tracks such as Original Sin & Taxman ‘Seen’ remix (Playaz), Original Sin’s ‘Lost’ (RAM) and ‘Penamana’ remix. We will also cover basic and advanced dynamics, EQ, FX and synthesis.”

What work rate do you expect your students to work at?

“We really expect them to put the hours in. In return they will see huge progressions in their production ability, assisted by our exclusive one to one mentor sessions and track reviews.

What’s next production wise from you guys?

Original Sin

“My next release is ‘Lost’ featuring BB Diamond out on RAM Records at the end of November.


“I’ve just had my ‘Die Tonight’ EP released via Playaz. I have also produced a remix of Macky Gee’s ‘Deny’ that should be out around December and have a few collaborations with G Dub that are doing the rounds at the moment.”

Find out more by visiting the Planet Drumz website.


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