Optiv & BTK: Dark City

Optiv & BTK: Dark City

1-Optiv & BTK - Dark City

Dark days indeed in so many ways. Typically, D&B embraces it all.

Time to get lost in the gritty backstreets of Optiv & BTK‘s recent creation on Blackout, ‘Dark City’ and soak up the atmos.

Hey got to say this is one of the meanest riffs of the year, ‘Dark City’, how did the tune arise?

Optiv: Thanks! It was just a matter of myself and BTK messing around around with ideas in our usual way until we both thought “ah this is the one!”

What’s the city in question? I mean if it’s not an actual place then where/what inspired?

Optiv: To be honest it was the vocalist who came up with the title when writing the vocals, it certainly seems to fit the music perfectly!!

I love this artwork, can I ask who did this? Fantastic, should be a shirt!

BTK: Best to be answered by Micha or Hylke at Blackout who dealt with the design. It deserves a tshirt, indeed.

Who is Yves? How did you link up?

BTK: I was e-introduced to Yves by Poeck who is a Brazilian colleague and also D&B producer. He showed me some of his music and I knew Yves’ voice was just right for a collaboration.

On the ep we have the ‘Sasquatch’, quite a destroyer! I love the Bad Co vibe on this, the step, the energy… what was the inspiration?

BTK: We aspired to do a a decent dancefloor track. The vocal came to me when I was watching a documentary about inexplicable mysteries on our planet, and sasquatch was one of them.

What would you say this ep says about you in terms of how you have evolved?

Optiv: We’re constantly learning new tricks and investing in new software and hardware, for me that’s half the fun. We both think the EP is solid and represents our music trademarks well. We are both proud of it and hope everyone likes it!

What’s some music over the recent past that have inspired you… any genre: things that fire you up?


BTK: I’ve always been into Techno but in the last 12 months I decided to go back into production as well.

There is a vast amount of producers and DJs that always put a smile on my face when I go see them live or check their latest production, such as; Adam Beyer, Sam Paganini, Luigi Madonna, Dubspeeka, Pig&Dan and the list goes on and on.

OPTIV: I’m constantly impressed by the ever increasing standard of Drum & Bass, this year I have been really liking the music from Teddy Killerz, Current Value and Pythius to name a few

So what tune is in your head right now?

BTK: I’ve been listening to Gridlok’s new album coming on virus next year. I believe it is a stone cold classic already, so many great tracks.

OPTIV: I concur!!

Thanks, any shouts?

Big love to the guys at Blackout for doing such a brilliant work with the label and keeping our sound alive and inspiring the scene inspired.

Dark City

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