Nicky Blackmarket: Back to Bass-ics

Nicky Blackmarket: Back to Bass-ics

Nicky Blackmarket took time out – if that’s possible or even plausible considering his traditionally frantic workload – to talk to us, ahead of his nomination for the Bass Awards, 2015.

(And talk about a spot being ‘on fire’… well, read on.)

So how’s the year been and have you been busy?

Yes, I’ve been busy this year thank the lord. I started making music again with Voltage and Alpha and I’m going in the studio with Hizzleguy very shortly.

Fun times.

One thing: do you drive yourself to gigs as such? I always find that mad… how the hell do you find the venue and park and lug in the gear, get past the bouncers…

I used to have friends drive me, but since I moved to the country, I drive myself. It can be hardcore sometimes, starting early and finishing late. You gotta psych yourself up for it, but when you love your job, you don’t think about it.

As for lugging all the gear around, what gear? It’s never been so easy. A lot of places now just take USBs. Long gone are the days of big record boxes rammed with master-plates.

So what’s been some shifts in the scene you’ve noticed in recent years?

There will forever be shifts in the scene. It’s constantly evolving. Since the digital thing has landed, it gets a lot of peeps noticed a lot quicker.

The downside is that no one is buying records like they used to, hence shops like mine closing down.

Where’s the fave clubs you love over the years, the killers?

Oh gosh, so many great clubs. I remember one in Toronto, Canada, the ‘Better Living Center’. It was similar to Euston railway station ha ha.

The End club when we used to do the Black Market nights were running. It had a wicked sound system! Jungle Fever at the Astoria. Fabric in the early days, Vibration club for Royal Rumble in Germany.

I could go on.

Got a road story?

I remember one time, I was on my way to a club, and got a phone call saying the venue was on fire.

I was like nooooooooooooooooo, then the promoter said, ‘it’s ok we got another venue around the corner’. I still can’t believe how quick they turned it around.


OK: so you arrive and you need a set opener: what do you reach for right now?

Oh I’m spontaneous, could be playing anything.

What’s some tunes in the box right now doing the business?

There’s so many tunes to mention: just check the set!

How are you feeling about the awards? What’s it mean to you?

My real award is, that I’m still doing this! It’s the nicest thing to be acknowledged for what you are.

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