Nian Dub & Semiotix: Disruptor

Nian Dub & Semiotix: Disruptor


Rising in tri-convergence of styles and techniques Nian Dub & Semiotix – above and below – have launched Disruptor to mess with our frequencies.

And the video? Glad you asked.

Hey. When did the Disruptor ep start to come together?

We started putting the EP together earlier in the year. ‘Disruptor’ and ‘Cohesion’ are both fairly new beats but ‘Origin’ has been around for a while now.

I think it’s the first [good] tune of ours we played out in a club going back a few years but in one of its earlier forms. We’d update it every six months but never get round to finishing it until recently.

We started ‘Genestealer’ a while back too but it’s been reworked a lot.

Where are you actually based, and where do you work on music?

We’re based in Whalley Range, South Manchester.

We’re all living together at the minute which is sweet and makes it dead easy to get on the beats. We’ve got a studio in the house that we’ve been building up for a bit.

Take us into the title tune and what actually inspired the title?

There’s a space/sci-fi theme running through all the tracks on the EP & when we started ‘Disruptor’ it sounded like a huge weapon charging up… so we tried to come up with a name that represented that.

We used to rinse Star Trek Voyager back in the day so ‘Disruptor’ was an early shout but just to be on the safe side we did some digging to see if we could find any better named space weapons.

There were a couple that came close but none fit the bill like ‘Disruptor’.


So speaking of the sci-fi angle… tell me more.

Yeah we’ve got a lot of love for the Sci Fi. I think when making music you naturally draw on other elements of your general interests and it’s up there for all of us.

Plus science fiction has this great body of sound surrounding it – spaceship noises, airlocks, laser guns etc – you can create a whole worlds audibly. Great for sampling.

You mentioned the ‘Genestealer’, tell us more.

It’s one we started long time ago that has been remade a number of times over the years. it’s changed completely in that time – in fact the high pitched stabs that drive the main part of the track were a really late addition but just seemed to bring it all together.

The track’s name is another science fiction reference – it’s the name of a deadly alien – one of those – if you know you know.

Got an inspirational tune to end on?

Baby Huey ‘California Dreamin’

Disruptor ep

NBA MIX 005 by Nian Dub & Semiotix

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