Mtwn Catch Fire

Mtwn Catch Fire


Mtwn have dropped the inexhaustible, can’t-stop-playing-it, infectious, unput-down-able Embers ep on Diffrent. That title too. This time of year. Simple and evocative: one word says it all.

We caught up and had a chat… including some of the best embeds in actual history at end.

Hey MTWN how’s the year been?

Quite good really, we’ve been a bit low on production until earlier this year, but it’s all right now, we’re back in line.

What have you learned this year?

Well, mostly patience ha ha! We just got one of our monitors back after a five months long fixing, it has not been easy.

More seriously, I think we’re slowly getting more consistent in our work, and we’re finding a sound that we really enjoy working with, so maybe that’s one big step for us in terms of learning and producing music.

We’re drifting a bit outside the more ‘standard’ Drum & Bass we’ve previously made — even if we’ve always been into experimentation.

Can you take me behind the mighty ‘Spinal Groove’? It’s a phenomenal step.

It is, for us at least. The track wasn’t suppose to be that of a stepper really, originally it was just some research on a particular dance groove, something we did not really hear in D&B, but maybe more in slower tempo.

And the thing was trying to adapt it to 170 BPM. I don’t know if we did adapt it the way we wanted at first, but it does sound great now, so it’s all good.

And ‘Four’? When did the track arise?

Four is an old one, and I think this is the one that started the idea of an EP. We sent an early, very rough version of the track to Chris, and he instantly asked us to sign it.

Then it became literally the hardest track to finish !

What’s been inspiring you?

A lot of different things actually. The tracks have been made in quite a large period of time, so it represents different moods and different period of our lives, and I think that’s what make it special in some of way.

But we’re mainly inspired by what surrounds us in our everyday life: music… all genres, movies, and moods obviously.

It can even be a single sound sometimes.

What else can you tell us about the ep?

Beside the fact that, like said above, it is a representation of various moods, it is also a glimpse of what we want to do next, the kind of sound we’re into at the moment.

Tracks like ‘Spinal Groove’ and ‘Embers’ are probably the most representative direction we want to take in our productions, and I think the tunes and projects we’re working on at the moment really reflects that atmosphere.

So it’s a ‘past & future’ EP.


How did you link up with Dexta? Diffrent really rules.

Diffrent has always ruled, so has Chris/Dexta. He is one of those guys that really live for his passion, and you can feel it in his music and his dedication to his label.

And, he loves good beers, which his an added-value for us Belgians! The first time we heard from him was when we sent over ‘Genji’ to him, and he played it in the GiraffeCast.

If I recall correctly, it was one with Sense, and I think that’s when they came up with this ‘Mutwun/M-twin/..’ thing.

Anyway, from there started our collaboration, and hopefully we’ll keep up that way.

Name five tracks that are inspiring you on the beats front right now for whatever reason, old, new…

As we’re a duo, we’ll name five each, if that’s ok !
Instra:mental ‘Rogue’. Dark, heavy, angry, you name it. An all-time favourite.

New Order ‘Blue Monday’. Know your classics, I guess!

MC Solaar ‘Samedi Soir’. It’s an old french hip hop track, and a hidden track from the album Cinquième As. It’s quite moody, but the percussions in there are killing me each and every time.

Kemal ‘Bleed’. Can’t really argue on this one.

Reactiv ‘Brothers’.
The crazy breaks associated with this moving sub make you a dancefloor hyperactive.

Autechre ‘Garbagemx

Lorn ‘Ghosst’

Danny Breaks ‘Mars to Jupiter’

Dimlite Hubris for Hubris

Mikarma Initiator (DB: Have included whole HeartDrive mix containing this)

What tune’s in your head?

Right now? ‘Water No Get Enemy’, by the mighty Fela Kuti.

Any shouts MTWN?

Shout out to everyone that has supported and will support the ep, you’re the ones ! Also, big big ups to the Diffrent Music Crew, Arkaik, Mauoq and Dexta, for their contribution to the ep ! Cheers Guys!

Love you all.

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