Match of the DeeJayMatch Of The Deejay: Week Seven

The rules: Each week The Risky goes against a guest DJ to predict the forthcoming weekend’s Premiership scores…

They score…
1 point for a correct win or draw
2 points for the correct score

At the end of the season we’ll scan the scores in a bid to find the most accurate DJ in the scene (not including The Risky) and give them the very first MOTDJ trophy!

This week: A.M.C


Titan Records head honcho A.M.C has accepted The Risky’s challenge this week. But as a Spurs fan, he seems a lot happier with his label’s output than he does his team’s future finishing in the top three.

“Titan is THE biggest thing for me right now,” he grins. “It’s my baby! The one thing I’ve wanted to do since I got into this game was set up my own record label. It’s going so well, I honestly couldn’t be happier!”

With the current release – Wickaman & R.V’s I Want You and Identi:fy – still causing major roadblocks, both in the club and on the radio, the stage is set for more heavyweight sonic grandeur. This time from the relatively unknown Belgian duo Athys and Duster who made their debut on Titan’s first ever release.

“No one had really heard of them before, but I could see they had a lot of talent so signed them up,” he grins. “You know the type of tunes you play that get reactions with people hanging over the side of the DJ booth saying ‘what the fuck is that man?’ that’s the level of tunes they’re giving me! It’s a good feeling to have those type of tunes ready to release!”

The future for Titan involves a lot of “top secret projects” but rest assured, it’s in safe hands and there’s a lot to look forward to. Unlike A.M.C’s confidence in Spurs for the rest of the season.

“Well we were sitting pretty at third for a long time,” he explains. “Arsenal were all the way down the league, which was making me even happier, but then all of a sudden it’s all gone to pot. I’ve got a bet on with a mate of mine for £100 on whether we’d beat Arsenal and I’m beginning to regret that now!”

“It’s always a hard time,” he sighs. “We lost against Norwich the other day! At home! We’ve got a nice little run of games to end the season… We should bury every one of those teams. But you know they won’t do it without all the drama. There must be a massive amount of heart failure within the Spurs fanbase. It’s actually quite handy with the hospital next door to the ground!”

With just weeks away from the end of the season, anything can happen… But A.M.C certainly won’t be winning. The Risky’s just smashed him 6 – 3

Scores so far:
Neil Horizons – 8 (The Risky – 5)
Jeff Moving Fusion – 6 (The Risky – 5)
Futurebound – 5 (The Risky – 4)
Friction – 5 (The Risky – 6)
DJ Marky – 5 (The Risky 5)
Bryan Gee – 3 (The Risky – 2)
Kasra – 3 (The Risky – 6)
A.M.C – 3 (The Risky – 6)

PredictionsScoreThe RiskyA.M.C
Norwich v Manchester City 1-61-21-2
Sunderland v Wolves 0-03-02-0
Swansea v Blackburn 3-03-13-1
Manchester United v Aston Villa 4-02-02-0
Arsenal v Wigan 1-22-01-1
West Brom v QPR 1-02-12-3
FA Cup Fixtures:
Liverpool v Everton 2-12-11-3
Tottenham v Chelsea 1-51-22-1


Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.
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