Mortem: ‘Round Midnight

Mortem: ‘Round Midnight


Mortem steps into this rather turbulent intro to 2015 with a welcome, absorbing refuge on Demand, and a strong reminder of the unpredictability and restless soul in D&B… it’s all about ‘Midnight Analogs/Y.O.U’.

I love ‘Midnight Analogs’; I warmed to it immediately as it reminded me of some cool art film from the ’80s in its wicked, sleek, stylish feel and atmos. I mean it when I say it made me a little emo!

I’m very glad to hear that! It’s very important for me. I had a concept of a tune with a nice synth intro that would sound like it was done on old school analogs. After that I wanted a nice drop with aggressive bass line. As usual I was looking for nice vocal samples – I really love to put them into my tunes to make it more ‘human’.

It came pretty natural as the idea started in my head and it was just a matter of time to transform it into waves.

You mention the vocal samples, and both tunes vocals in a way that you will hear in ‘real’ Liquid Funk… really house-y, understated and mysterious. How do you approach the vocals?

I’m spending a lot of time on vocals – looking for the right samples, cutting and processing them. For me they are one of the most important elements in my music so I’m always picking them very carefully so they will sound good with the other main elements – bass lines and drums.

Sometimes I’m using vocals from sample packs but sometimes I will use vocals from other genres but I will transform them so it would be hard to recognise their origin. Generally for my tunes I just love vocals with the mentioned housy feeling.

Deep house is the music where I get lots of inspiration.

Can you describe things in the Polish scene? I really only know of you and Handra.

Because the scene is not that big unfortunately! For a country with about 40 million inhabitants you can count producers using your fingers on one hand… although there are a lot of great gigs here in Sopot or in Katowice.

Handra are good guys and we will be having a collab in the near future for their EP, so watch close on our FB profiles.

When did ‘Y.O.U.’ arise? Love the synths in this fab tune. Is it about anyone or maybe I should ask this… what’s in your head when you think of the tune?

I just wanted to make a tune that I would have done years ago but with fresh production skills.

The synths were the main thing here for me as well as the bass line and its progression.

I don’t know if there is a hidden meaning about the title but when I thought about that one I felt like that’s the most suitable feeling of a tune for me.

I think it represents the sound of Mortem and it’s a typical tune for my alter ego.

You’ve really brightened up my 2015 with this release got to say so what else is happening this year for you?

I’m just finishing second tune for another single, hopefully. The one I have made is straight up roller with progressive synths and bass line and of course some nice vocals!

Your production time is limited though I hear?

I live in Warsaw and I’m working as a Test Specialist at Roche. So now my life is divided between work and music. I could use some more time to make more beats actually!

What’s some music, beats, vibes you are checking?

I love to listen to various music. But the best albums that I have heard lately are from guys like Isaiah Rashad, Childish Gambino, Mann, Black Atlas, Run The Jewel – just too many to mention.

Can we see Mortem live? Where you rolling out your style, what clubs and gigs

I’ve two gigs lined up here in Poland – February 14 in Katowice and February 20 in Sopot, with more to come.

Midnight Analogues/Y.O.U
… for the vinyl

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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.