Maztek: What I Bring…

Maztek: What I Bring…

maztekA Maztek release on BTK’s Dutty Audio: Latin D&B lashings don’t get much more dangerous and deadly.

We caught up with the Renegade Hardware endorsed Italian producer to see how his summer has been and decided to have a bit of fun with the lead track What We Bring in the process.

Want to know what Maztek would bring to an Elvis impersonators convention or a hippy festival? Read on and get acquainted… 

Maztek… How’s it going?

All good, it’s sunny and I’m at the beach at the moment.

Nice. What’s popping in Italy right now? Has it been a good summer for you?

Right now there are some nice festivals in Italy especially Sun & Bass in Sardinia for the drum & bass lovers. All other festivals are about trance and electrohouse but still good to spend some time at. It’s been a good summer for me; I spent some days at the studio and now from one session to another I’m going  to the sea or to the lake or whatever just to wear my new sunglasses, flip-flops and swimming trunks and chill a bit with my dogs, friends and my girlfriend.

Big look hooking up with BTK’s Dutty Audio… How did that happen?

You know he’s Brazilian and I’m Italian so he had the brilliant idea that the “PizzaSamba” would have been a perfect wedding! Jokes aside, I’ve always been a big fan of BTK’s music and I love what he does with Optiv. He’s also a big fan of mine. He asked me if I was interested in doing an EP for Dutty Audio and that’s it!

What does ‘caph’ translate to or mean?

Caph is also known as Beta Cassiopeiae. It is a Delta Scuti variable star in the constellation Cassiopeia. It is a giant star. Caph is also the traditional name from the Arabic word kaf “palm”.

Any more Dutty Audio releases to look forward to? 

I might have more releases for the next year on the label but I don’t want to spoil anything, keep an eye on Dutty Audio because there will be many digital releases as well.

So let’s have some fun with the title track… What We Bring. 


Drum&BassArena wants to know what you might bring to 10 different scenarios. And why you’d bring them. Here goes…


Rewind to the UK’s little 3 week heatwave. We’re all off to the beach. What will you bring?

I will bring a couple of cold beers, a beach towel and an umbrella… You never know!

My beloved Toyota has broken down on the motor way and – for some weird reason – the only number I have on my phone is yours. I call you up for help. What will you bring?

There are two option for this: the first I will bring my mechanical gear and I will try to repair your car.

The  second, my favourite, I will bring a bottle of wine and some food we can eat while waiting for the wrecker I called before to come to you and make some jokes about how to drive on the right 🙂

I’ve got a ticket for a hippy, beardy folk festival. There is no electronic music on the line-up whatsoever. I’m giving this ticket to you. What will you bring?

I will bring a couple of hippy friends of mine to be immediately at ease, a couple of dogs, some classic rock vinyls to try to mix them, some bongos/djambè, a guitar, flared pants and… uhm… gold, incence and myrrh?

It’s the national Elvis impersonators convention this weekend and, whether you like it or not, you’ve been invited. What will you bring?

I will bring a pink Cadillac, the pompadour and my shaking ass.

You’re invited to a conference on global warming and sustainable energy technologies. What will you bring?

I will bring just my respect, my ears and a notebook to take notes.

You’ve been given a ticket to space! What will you bring?

I will bring a superhero costume to pretend to fly. I’ll bring pizza for the aliens, a Maztek sticker to be stuck in the ship and a flag to be left on the moon. And, of course, my smartphone to immediately post the photos on instagram.

You’re invited to my daughter’s first birthday party. What will you bring? 

I will bring blocks of all shapes, sizes, and colours as a gift to encourage her creativity, my superhero costume to make her and all the other children laugh at the party and chamomile for you.

BTK is locked in his studio. The door is bullet proof and the windows are barred up to keep thieves out. He NEEDS your help to escape. What will you bring?

I will bring my last Dutty Audio release, a giant subwoofer and my ear plugs… You can imagine the rest!

It’s the Drum&BassArena Awards and Risky has told all DJs to turn up in fancy dress costumes. What will you bring?

I’ll bring the superhero costume that I had already used in space so anyone who has seen the pictures on Instagram can recognise me right away, and at the same time I’ll make the global warming and sustainable energy conference people happy by recycling these things!

Your family is having a big reunion with a massive banquet. You’ve been asked to cook a dish… What will you bring?

I will bring my kitchen apron, buffalo mozzarella, other cheeses and sausages for appetizer.

Then I will bring eggs,cheese (Roman Pecorino or Parmigiano Reggiano), Guanciale, black pepper and Spaghetti to make a classic Italian pasta dish from Rome called Carbonara.

Anything else to add? 

Do not forget to look at my Maz superhero costume on instagram and to check my website


Thanks for the amazing questions big up to all the Drum&Bass  Arena crew

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.