Maztek and Current Value Feed Back

Maztek and Current Value Feed Back

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Maztek has aligned forces with Current Value for the quite overwhelming duo ‘Feedback Echo’ and ‘Declock’: finely-honed, precision-made, bunker-busting D&B. Best not get in its way lest ye be flattened. Prepare for a understated-yet-giant discussion about the release, gear and D&B in general.

Hi. First off what’s something taken from the recent past from which to learn, for the new year?

Maztek: Nothing and everything. I take all experiences as lessons to make improvements.

How did you guys come to work together?

Current Value: We first got in touch online and were chatting a couple of times. That’s also where we decided to do a collab.

We decided to go with stems to be send back and forth – that’s how I work often. So I sent Matteo the first draw drums, bass and some fx-ish stuff.

And so ‘Feedback Echo’ came to be?

When the tune took shape it was his pads/atmos that actually formed the idea of ‘Feedback Echo’.

The tune being quite techy and cold and a tad more aggressive in the beginning it became way deeper during it’s production. We were both very happy with the outcome which really represents both our styles without sacrificing.


Maztek: Tim sent me a couple of ideas and I chosed the one which now you know as ‘Feedback Echo’. He sent the groove/drums and bassline I added atmo/pads/ and the vocals layered the drums a bit and worked on the bassline a bit without compromising the original version he sent.

Who and what inspires? Could be visual art, anger, awareness of things shifting/dying… or just caffeine.

Current Value: In terms of music apart from the ‘usual suspects’ I’ve always liked Noisia for example,but newer producers such as Xtrah, Signal and Lockjaw have delivered some really inspiring stuff recently.

Regarding other things I’m always a big tech fan…

New headphones or computers or programs are always a big inspiration! It’s ridiculous what you can do with todays tools!

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Maztek: Same as Tim for me; Noisia have always been inspiring, as well for Phace and Misanthrop and others now I like many new producers as well, such as Disprove and continuing big names in the game such as Mefjus or Emperor.

I’m also very very inspired from the everyday life, emotions or things/places I see, new people I meet or new sounds I hear travelling around.

Now I’m inspired by contemporary dance and I’m going to make some music for some dancers… I think it is always good to mix different forms of Art and create something new and at the same time learn something new.

Caffeine helps too tho…

What are things in the last 10 years – as a reference – that have shifted/changed within D&B?

Current Value: Hard to say. To me things are constantly getting better. I can see a very nice progression in the last ten years generally.

D&B is a constantly developing and evolving things that keep inspiring and setting marks.

It’s nice to see that within Neurofunk in particular lately.

I can say I’m so much more involved in the ‘scene’ since late 2014. I love it.

Maztek: I just can see good things, Neurofunk has grew and keeps improving and D&B in general is pretty big again as it was 10 years ago; new generations are landing but this music keeps rolling around the globe.

Who are your allies within the scene: now and over time.

Current Value: Blacksunempire, Kasra, Enei, Prolix, Noisia, Phace, Xtrah, Maztek, Neonlight, Lockjaw, Jade, Disprove, Allied, Coppa.

Dean and my Machine Code project is going stronger than ever!

Same goes for Subsistenz adding new big names to the fam…

And my management and booking agency for the last years – MethLab

Maztek: Optiv and BTK have always been good friends of mine as well for Prolix or Misanthorp, Ed Rush and Optical, June MIller and now Mefjus, Emperor, Black Sun Empire, State Of Mind, Kasra, Neonlight, Disprove, Jade and The Upbeats.

In general we are all a big Family.

What tunes have amazed you lately?

Current Value: Great tunes…
Mefjus & Insideinfo ‘Footpath’
Noisia & The Upbeats ‘Dead Limit’
Xtrah ‘Cybernetics’

Noisia&The Upbeats ‘Dead Limit’
Audio ‘Now the Future’
Mefjus ‘Blitz’
Current Value ‘Rocket Science’

What tune is in your head?

Current Value : Xtrah ‘Cybernetics’ and lately: Hazard ‘Digital Bumble Bees’

Maztek: The tunes for my new EP for Critical…

What could you not exist without that is in your studio?

Current Value: I’m fully “mobile” these days but I’d definitely miss the collection.
Headphones: quite a few with these most important ones… subject to be changed regularly.
Sony MDR CD900st
Shure SE846
Sound Warrior SW HP-10
Sony MA900
Fostex TH500rp (modded)
Hifiman HE400i
AKG K701 Pro
… and laptops I use for production:
Mbp Retina 15
Sony Vaio pro 13
Macbook 12… yes it’s possible.

Maztek: The headphones Tim Suggested to me: Audio Technica ATH-R70x.

And this new technology called Subpac suggested at first by Optiv which is a tactile audio technology which transfers low frequencies directly to your body and provides you with a new physical dimension to the music experience, essential when you spend many hours in the studio and you want to physically feel the bassline.

Any shouts?

Current Value: Shout Outs to the fam, to Snow and the dogs at home and to everyone supporting me!

Maztek: Shouts to Tim Current Value, the DNBArena Crew, Jef from Meth Lab and to all the D&B fama round the world.
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You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.


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