Matrix & Futurebound: Back To The Roots

Matrix & Futurebound: Back To The Roots

Glow Worm

Matrix & Futurebound have just unleashed Glow Worm on Viper, flaunting their versatility as they gear up for a huge summer of touring, not to mention a slew of Viper Live events on the horizon. We’re stoked to have them on board for the Viper Recordings takeover on D&BTV next week, where we hope to hear even more new material…

We caught up with the duo to chat about the release, upcoming events and what’s coming next…

Yes guys, great to chat to you again! Where have we caught you today? On the road or enjoying this lovely UK weather? 😉

Yeh we’re great thanks. We’re in the studio as per usual!

First things first – Glow Worm is currently doing the rounds and absolutely smashing it! How long did the track take to piece together?

Not long to be honest. We love making these sort of tracks and like with any style of music you make, once you’re vibing things usually come together quickly. It’s the mixdown process which mostly slows down the completion of a record. There’s an even longer process when you’re making records with vocals in it.

The track is substantially heavier than the material you’ve released of late, with Don’t Look Back & Control being your most recent UK chart success’s. This seems to be more of a dance floor banger, were you itching to return to your roots and smash out something that would go off in a club?

Yeah we really enjoy making these flavours but we’ve never stopped making these style of records. Everyone sees the lead versions of the 4 tracks that have gone top 40 and think we’re just doing that, but with each one of those records that have crossed over, or any remixes that we’ve taken on, we’ve always made more straight-up club versions that are designed to hold their own on the dancefloor. We’ll never lose our roots!

That’s good to hear! Any significance behind the title?

No, we just like Glow Worms. Imagine having a tail that could glow in the night….

Haha, that would be something else 😉 Let’s turn the attention on to Viper for a second – Some huge things coming up for the label! First up, we can’t WAIT to have you on board for the second episode of D&BTV in 2015 on June 3rd! 

There’s certainly no end to the releases right now as well as the Viper Live events. Really exciting times for everyone connected to the label.

And yeah, once you guys reached out and told us you were bringing D&BTV back we were just as amped as you were!

It’s been sorely missed. D&BTV gave the world access to the scene’s finest each and every week, and was pivotal in expanding our amazing genre.

(Futurebound) I remember my 1st appearance on there back in 2008 and it felt like my debut DJ experience all over again. You knew the camera was on you from all angles and you daren’t mess up. Thoroughly enjoyed it though!

Viper D&BTV

Well we can’t wait to have you back! Viper Live are on room hosting duties at Fabric in June as well, and most of the Viper crew will be out in full force. Must be such a buzz to host a night at Fabric?

Yeah what an institution Fabric has been for the scene, just like your good selves.

Right from the start they went for it, supporting ground breaking music and sticking to that philosophy to this date. A club brand that size could have easily followed other trends but they’ve never once waned from supporting D&B. The genre owes them a lot.

Since James Foster who runs the events arm of Viper came on board I’ve said Fabric is where I want us to be… That system never lets you down and we can’t wait to hit the decks with a special 2 hr set along with the rest of the Viper team.


What do you look forward to most on nights like that?

Getting in the booth, cranking it and letting loose with brand new beats.

What’s coming up next for the label?

It’s crazy over at Viper HQ right now. There’s so much happening on the release front and on the events side of the brand, amongst loads of other exciting things.

We’ve just released The Prototypes debut album ‘City Of Gold’ which everyone is loving. We’ve got some amazing music about to drop from BMotion, Brookes Brothers, Smooth, Cyantific, Mob Tactics and Koven over the next few months, but to be honest the conveyor belt never stops! We could release stuff every week but that’s not how we want to operate. We believe in allowing the music to breathe and do the best job we can with our acts.

Some serious talent doing the rounds in D&B at the moment. We always act like we’re surprised but let’s be honest, it’s constant isn’t it? Which tracks have had you reaching for an instant reload these days?

That’s right, as I said the conveyor belt never stops! Talented people excite other talented people and the merry go round keeps turning. You get the heads at major labels asking ‘What is it that keeps drum & bass alive, how come it never dies’, that’s the million dollar question, but imagine taking it away from dance culture, there’d be a gaping whole!

Right now our instant reload track has to be Dimension’s ‘Maschinen’. Next level filth!

You’ve got a monthly residency on Capital Xtra which has been great to follow – Is it a challenge to plan the monthly shows and decide on which releases to include?

Time management is a great thing and we always look forward to putting the show together as it’s great to showcase the many styles of d&b we love.

Doing radio is another side of the business which takes time to settle into. We love it.

What’s coming up next for you guys, can we expect any more huge summer releases for M&F?

Yes, we’ve been busy as hell working on lots of new ideas since the back end of 2014, and we’re really happy to begin the release cycle of all our new music. Obviously we’ve just dropped “Glow Worm” which has been getting a huge reaction from all our peers and most importantly the people on the dance floor.

We have new summer releases coming which we’re excited about as the reaction from the people who’ve heard the new music within our camp has been so good very early on. Keep a look out for lots of new M&F music coming through soon.

Look forward to it! What’s the summer schedule looking like with festival season just around the corner? Trips/ events you’re looking forward to the most?

Yeah now we have a load of music in the bag it’s time to hit the road and we’ve got some amazing shows to play which include the Viper Live arenas & takeovers at Tomorrowland in Belgium, Fabric where we’ll be doing a 2hr special, Vienna in Austria, Bristol as well as the huge Viper Live Australia & New Zealand tour. We’ve also been confirmed for EDC UK in Milton Keynes and the massive Creamfields Ibiza event with The Prodigy this summer over Radio 1 weekend!

That is one impressive itinerary! Strangest thing that’s happened on tour so far this year? 😉

(Matrix) Not hearing Futurebound talking about Liverpool football club for more than 30 seconds…
(Futurebound) Seeing Matrix without a cigarette in his hand for 1 whole hour…

We can feel the love 😉 Famous last words?

We love you all, and we’re coming to shock out your dance with brand new riddims 😉

Glow Worm is out now. Get it on iTunes / Spotify.

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