Lynch Kingsley’s Secret Dream

Lynch Kingsley’s Secret Dream


Time to catch up with Lynch Kingsley about his atmospheric D&B out on The Dreamers Recordings, and about his range of influences.

Let’s start with ‘Secret Dream’, what inspired it?

I don’t clearly remember what inspired this one to be honest.

‘Secret Dream’ was actually a Maschine jam, just wanted to do something a little slower and calmer, so I started playing around with some drum kits and see what’s happening.

I was not sure about the result at the beginning, but when it started growing on me I thought it was a genuine heir to ‘Eden’, one of the tracks from my previous release on Inperspective.

Speaking of dreams where’s somewhere you’d love to play?

Definitely one of the Dimension Festival boat parties, it’s my dream since I started making drum & bass.

How did you hook up with The Dreamers, your label?

Neve and I are very good friends from a while, we started sharing music last year after he knew about me because of my Flexout release. We’re big fans of one another, so it was a natural decision to plan a release with his newborn label at that time.

Can you take us into ‘Mute Bliss’? What inspired the title?

I was watching tons of movies from the silent era (1910-1928) because I was attending a cinema history course at university and, since we started from the early days of cinema, we were going deep into that kind of movies in that moment.

I was feeling very good watching and studying them, so that’s why it’s Mute – like the movies – Bliss – this kind of ecstasy provoked by them.

That’s why also this track is the most nostalgic I ever did and released.

Who are your heroes in music, of any era and who would you like to have seen produce live in studio?

My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Bardo Pond, Seefeel, Sunn O))), Bark Psychosis, Tortoise, Prefuse 73, Stereolab, Boards Of Canada, Pram, Broadcast…


As you can see, I’m all about psychedelic, noisy and IDMish crazy stuff, that’s where my heart’s at. Of course I’d like to have seen each of them, but if I could stick to just a few I would pick Broadcast, My Bloody Valentine and Boards Of Canada.

What dates have you?

I’ll be playing at one of the next The Dreamers label party, not sure about which one though, we’ll know soon. Can’t give any news unfortunately, top secret stuff, but expect some very exciting things from me in the near future!

Mute Bliss/Secret Dream

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