Letting loose with L 33…

Letting loose with L 33…
4 Aug, 2014


Pasta hating, booze in space, a KILLER release on Addictive Behaviour and talk of a whole LP on Eat Brain. We get up to speed with Bulgarian badman L 33 on what’s shaping up to be his busiest year. Ever.First, though, music… Melt / Let Loose is out today and it sounds a bit like this:

And this…

Five releases deep and L 33 has appeared on Addictive Behaviour an impressive three times. These, we reckon, are his best yet. Throw in a healthy relationship with Ram Records and Eat Brain and you’ll understand how exciting L 33’s profile is becoming. We sent him some questions. He replied and even sent us a mix for good measure!

Hello Mr L 33… I think we’re interrupting you on your BUSIEST year to date. Correct?

I wouldn’t say you were interrupting me. But yeah it’s definitely one of the busiest and I hope it will get even busier.

Let’s get straight to business… Melt / Let Loose. What a release. I don’t think any of your releases has managed to showcase your creative breadth as succinctly as this. Would you agree?

Thank you. Both tracks are pretty different compared to each other, not sure if that does the creativity trick but I would agree.

If I’m not mistaken, Melt contains a political message about astronauts and alcohol abuse… Is this a specialist subject or area of concern for you?

To be honest it’s just a funny sample.

Would YOU turn to booze if you were stranded in space for an extended period of time?

If they’ve got good booze up there why not?

Actually… if you were to go to space, what three items would you take with you? (Not including booze)

Well, I would take my laptop for sure. Maybe bunch of food and that’s it. Since the booze is already there…

Any other cool stories behind how the track came about or how you were inspired?

I wanted to do a track which sounds really funny and serious at the same time. So I combined the most bizarre elements. There is a flute, a Rick Ross chant, gritty bass etc… Not the things you hear regularly when you listen to drum and bass . So that was the result. The name isn’t anything else but a catchy title for a tune.

And Let Loose… What a banger. Any political words of warning behind this one? Or is it, as I’m suspecting, just a straight-up dancefloor trouble-track?

Let loose is sounding a lot more like the drum and bass we used to hear. There is a dark, classical feeling in it, straight old school Virus vibes. And lets leave behind the politics when it comes to music  😀

Let’s talk about Addictive Behaviour… This is your third appearance on the label and they’ve only had five releases! Is it safe to say you work well with them?

The guys know what they want and how they want it. They put so much effort into every single release and that’s how it should be. It’s not another label putting up random stuff and not doing anything to promote and push it. All I can say about AB is – professionalism. I do like how they work and I will keep working with them in the future.

So what else has happened in the life of L 33 since the Bring Down release? Obviously there’s the rather massive Program release…. Tell us everything!

Many things are happening at the moment. That Program release was one of the things that took me to another level. Andy has been supporting my stuff for a long time, I had a track on Nightlife 6, then I sent some tracks to RAM and I ended up with a debut Program release.

Now I am working on some other things for the RAM camp but the guys are really picky, quality control is at its fullest when it comes to that label. So yeah, who knows maybe a RAM release in the near future, as they want to keep working together.

Now tell us what you have coming up for the rest of the year. Last time we spoke you mentioned an album on Eatbrain… where’s that at?

Yes, there should be an LP on Eatbrain next year. Jade is amazing person, one of the people that’s really pushed my work. I have been sending tracks to him since… I can’t even remember. Last year he picked my track Comptus to be a part of Tales Of The Undead LP which came out a few months ago. I kept sending tracks to him and he really liked my output, so he offered me an LP on Eatbrain. Before that, there should be an EP on Eatbrain as well.

You also told us that you love potatoes. We do too! Any other foods you particularly LOVE?

Its 10 in the morning, I’m starving and you talk about food, how dare you!? J

Any other foods you particularly hate?


WHAT?!? All this chat about food is making me hungry… I’m off to eat some dinner. Any final words of wisdom to leave us with?

May the force be with you. lol

Melt / Let Loose is out now on Addictive Behaviour. Download now!

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