Legends Of Drum & Bass 01: Jumping Jack Frost

Legends Of Drum & Bass 01: Jumping Jack Frost

Introducing Legends of Drum & Bass… a brand new series on The Risky’s Future Sounds Podcast, prepare for mixes from the scene’s most influential players. Players who’ve helped shaped our favourite music into the bass-bitten beast it is today.

It kicks off with none other than Jumping Jack Frost. Co-founder of V Recordings, producer of seminal dancefloor smashers such as Burial and renowned selector since the drum & bass’s most formative days, there’s no better way to start such an exciting series.

You can head here to subscribe to the podcast, but first we caught up with Frost to see where he’s at… And what we can expect to hear on his mix!

Can we call you a legend?  

“Hahah! It’s an honour mate…”

Pleasure’s ours. Guide us through the mix a little…

“There’s some classics, there’s some new tunes, there’s some in between tunes. Risky asked me to go to town and include all my favourites. It’s a mad challenge; trying to fit in every single track I love will be impossible.”

Massive challenge! The list goes on and on…

“I know! At some point you just got to draw the line and go ‘right! I’m having this, this and this. Boom boom boom.’ I don’t want it just to be an old skool mix, know what I mean?”

Sure. You got to join the dots.

“Exactly mate! Tunes from now, tunes from way back; all mixed in together.”

The way it should be. Does it ever annoy if you get asked to play an exclusively old skool set?

“Nah not at all. The way I see it is I got such a good history of music and so many tunes I can draw on from all the eras. It’s nice to be able to show people that. Especially people who are hearing these tracks for the first time. I tend to drop classics out of the blue anyway… It throws people sideways when you do.”

Drum & bass is unique in that way. There are very few scenes where classics stand up as well as they do in D&B…

“Yeah, definitely. The only problem there is working out where you go after a classic though. Yeah, you’ve dropped an old skool smasher – where are you going next though, bruv? Nail it properly and that’s the sign of a good DJ.”

So from old to new. Who are you feeling at the moment?

“I’m loving everyone really. Everyone’s got their own fingerprint. I respect everyone for the work they put in. Especially now, it’s harder than ever to make it in the big game. So I respect anyone who’s doing their thing and putting their creative slant on our sound.”

Definitely. The people who truly succeed are those with their own fingerprint and not copying someone else’s.

“Totally bruv. We’ve all got our own unique prints so we should all put our own unique stamp on things. Express yourself not anyone else!”

Truth street. Moving on from music to clothes… You’ve launched your own range of Team Frost fashion!

“Yes I have! I’m looking at new things for the spring range later today actually. We’ve put out a few things so far and it’s gone really well. Onwards and upwards now it’s all kicked off. I’ve been working on it for a long time now and learned a lot of things along the way. It’s my range so I didn’t want any compromises. It has to be exactly how I want it.”

Like your music, then. Are there more parallels between making music and doing your own clothing range or are they completely different worlds?

“They are totally different but the whole creative side is similar. It’s been a really interesting project. First you got to make sure your brand is spot on, without that you’re nothing. Then it’s baby steps. Everyone’s different in the way they approach things but for me it’s all about taking it very slowly and making sure everything’s perfect from the very start. In that way it’s very similar to music – don’t rush in!”

Always. You mentioned a spring range… you going all seasonal on us?

“Yeah man. All the seasons; spring wear, summer wear, autumn wear, winter wear… the whole thing, hahah!”

Ha! Finally, what’s coming up release-wise?

“There’s so much going on at V right now mate! Peshay’s got an album coming out, we’ve got a lot of stuff from Critycal Dub, Level 2 and Chap. We’re just keeping it moving all the time. There’s a new Retrospectives album that Bryan is doing soon, too. The big thing of course is Peshay, though. It’s sounding so good.”

When can we hear it?

“We’re looking at a summer release. But you know how albums are; you think it’s done then you write another tune and it’s like ‘woah, I got to change the tracklist! I got to add this, change that, do this…’ You know? He’s still making new beats for it now but I reckon we’re looking at a summer release.”

Can’t wait. Anything else to add?

“Not really, we’ve covered everything. Just a final shout for everyone to download the Legends podcast and buy a Team Frost hoodie, haha!”

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