Kronology: Sonic Voyager

Kronology: Sonic Voyager


How come all the car alarms in the street have just gone off? Ah. Must be the sonic punch of Kronology. They’ve touched down with some considerable force.

First things first however…

So this release touches on time travel so I have to ask the inevitable: where would you like to travel back to and why? It could be all sorts of things: back to a time when you could see Predator in the cinema first time/go to old jungle nights/see 1st wave Dogtown skaters… what’s something you’d like to check from the past?

Those are all great ideas! If we were going back in time, it would be great to see first-hand a mysterious ancient civilization like the Mayans or the Egyptians.

If we were taking a shorter trip back, the hippie revolution of the 1960s would be amazing to experience.

And what inspired the tune… and the sci-fi cover art?

One thing we wanted to do with the name ‘Kronology’ was to have an interesting theme that we could play with throughout our music, which is the theme of time. Instead of going for an outer-space concept for this tune – which we originally toyed around with – we thought it would be fun to do a time-travel based thing, which we hadn’t done before.

The famous Voyager I and II spacecrafts were a cool inspiration point, and the sleeve ties it all together with a ship that reminds us of the Star Trek Voyager craft.

We hope that ‘Voyager’ makes you feel like you’re going through a time-warp to a future era of next-level funk!

Now ‘Forward Motion’… damn that’s heavy! Have you roadtested this?

It’s definitely a bit heavy – hope it didn’t scare ya! This tune kept evolving and changing as we worked on it, taking so many different forms, it was constantly moving forward, so “forward motion” seemed an appropriate name.

We tried messing around with darker, heavier, more neuro elements mixed with jumpier sounds. It’s a grimy, dirty thing that might do some speaker damage.

So with all this talk of forward and backward motion… you guys are busy I take it?! What do you guys do outside of D&B?

We both individually have big interests in the visual side of the arts, and we’ve both been working on developing our skills in graphic design and digital art. We’re also both major foodies and love exploring all the amazing different kinds of restaurants in our huge city.

Beyond that, we both grew up playing sports so we love to catch games at Dodger Stadium & Staples Center.

What’s some music we might find on the stick/in the bag right now from you… tunes that are delivering live?

Of course there’s just so much good D&B out right now – a few of our recent favorites are Cyantific’s ‘Outatime’, Document One ‘Run The Block’, Gradual & Coppa ‘Beware’ and pretty much everything Mob Tactics puts out.


‘Technique’ is a common theme here so to ask: what’s something you do in the studio that you’re fond of, that you’d share: a technique, a little habit?

We like to listen to at least a few tunes before getting started in the studio. Doesn’t even have to be D&B, really anything to get the inspiration flowing. It seems to help rather than just starting cold and gets better results.

What’s next for you, Kronology?

We’ve got another track already confirmed for a summer release, no more details on that at the moment but it’s something a little different that we think you’ll dig. Beyond that we’re constantly working on what’s next, and we’ve got a lot of good shows coming up across the states that we’re excited about!

Voyager/Forward Motion

You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.


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