Kritix ‘Kalima’ interview and in the mix

Kritix ‘Kalima’ interview and in the mix


Kritix are a part of the weighty Kalima ep out now on Mayan Audio and in the excitement of it all have gone in on the mix, at the end of the piece.

Hi again Kritix. Sounds like you’ve been hard at work. Is the ‘Kritix’ sound changing, evolving?

Yo, nice one for having us back! Our sound is always developing, every new song we write is a new learning curve. We generally use the same techniques, but improve them over time to fit better with our music. As technology moves forward so does the way we write music, new plug ins are a sure way to get some inspiration.

So, on to the Kalima ep, can you take us through ‘Traction VIP’? Sounds great and so does the MCing.

‘Traction’ was our second release on Mayan featuring Coppa MC. It gained a good amount of support among some big names in the scene and climbed nicely into the top 20 on beatport.

Coppa has really been in the limelight over the last few years and has done nothing less that compliment the track. The VIP came along when we were invited to play at the Let It Roll afterparty in Prague.

We wanted something special to play for the crowd so we got to work and before we knew it, the VIP was born!

Studio-wise what would you hurry to grab if a meteor was hurtling towards earth and you had to grab a piece of studio gear to hopefully save… ?

Would have to be the Virus TI we think. It’s got such a warm sound and great filters, it creates a lot of our main basses.

Quick curve ball: what keeps you excited about D&B?

The best thing for us is walking into a packed club, getting on the decks and watching the crowd go wild to our music! That’s more than enough excitement for anyone!

The Kalima ep itself, I heard there’s a story behind the title?

Well the idea behind ‘Kalima’ was that Mayan wanted an EP to reflect the the hard work and time sacrificed to get the best of our music out there. So when somebody mentioned ‘Kalima’ was chanted in an Indiana Jones movie when a priest performed a heart sacrifice, we had few laughs about it… it stuck and the EP was a labour of love from all the artists involved!

1-DnB Arena Mix Pic

Can you be spokesperson for the Kalima ep and mention some of the people on here? There’s some interesting names and sounds here: White Room, Traced…

First off a name you should all be used to by now: Tuff Touch. Tuffy really has his own sound down to a T. With really well produced beats and slicing synth sounds, he always manages to bring the energy and ‘Lazer Eye’ is no exception.

There’s Traced who joins the Mayan Collective and has fast-paced dancefloor targeted beats and has a lot of old influences in his production with a nice modern twist, ‘Phobia’ is a clear demonstration of this!

Roklo is here, with their debut release. These guys have come on leaps and bounds over the last year and are really starting to make an impact with their music. ‘The Summons’ is a perfect example of this with its tight beat arrangement and melodic bass flow. It’s a huge start for them as artists.

Lastly we have White Room. ‘Fade To White’ is a great track with an epic hands in the air bass filled intro and an uplifting vocal to wrap it all up.. “Take this higher”!

Perfect track to end on!

Tell us what you have cooking now for the future, what is on the forthcomings list?

Well we’ve been cooking with Heisenberg again, and by that we mean cooking up a ‘Full Melt’ VIP which is in the mix we’ve done for you!

Also our debut ep is shaping up real nice; it includes a vocal track with Jenny Jones that is going to take the scene by storm! The whole ep is very diverse and each track has its own place. Should be very interesting to see what you guys think of it!

What tune is in your head right now?

Since we’ve just finished a studio session and have been listening to it over and
over, we would have to say our new track Kritix ‘All of Me’ (Feat Jenny Jones)

Can you lead us through the mix you’ve kindly done for us? I take it you love the ‘big room’ vibes?

Yes we do love the big room vibe as we feel it gets a great response from the crowd, however we always like to mix it up with some filth to get a real sense of contrast.

Mixing a vocal track over a dirty bass track can really work wonders and give the crowd something to sing and something to screw their faces up at!

Sing or screw it’s up to you!

Kritix exclusive mix
Mayan Audio

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