KG: Preset Master

KG: Preset Master


KG needs little introduction. Having cemented his love for drum & bass in the early 90’s, he worked hard to get his name known, and through sheer drive and determination released tracks for some of the biggest names in the scene. In 2009 he launched his own label Talkin’ Beatz which saw the first releases of artists such as Netsky and Fred V & Grafix.

2014 has been a huge year for the English producer with his tune ‘Absence’ appearing on our Summer Selection 2014 compilation, as well as 2 of his tracks appearing on Viper’s Summer Slammers compilation. Amidst all that he also found the time to put together a wicked preset pack, which he made available for free. We caught up with the man himself to learn more…

Big up KG! Where are you joining us from?

At the moment I am living in a small village called West Kingsdown in Kent, close to the more well-known racing circuit, Brands Hatch.

Apologies for the noob question but I find monikers that artists assign themselves intriguing- What’s the story behind ‘KG’?

Well basically its short for kilogram! Back in my younger days many moons ago, I used to spend a lot of time in Music House cutting dub plates. I was very fortunate because a lot of the bigger names at the time would sort me out with DAT tapes with their latest material, including artists such as Bad Company. So I got a rep in my area for having some of the heaviest tunes before anyone else so I chose the name KG because of the rep of having heavy tunes in the record box!

Your tune ‘Absence’ features on our Summer Selection 2014 album- was the tune inspired by anything in particular?

Like any tunes I write, I don’t set out with a style or idea in mind I just experiment and see where it takes me. I just find it’s the best way to make something organic and it’s really fun because you never know what you will come out with next. I wouldn’t really say anything inspired me, it just happened and that was the finished result. Quite a chilled liquid track!

It is indeed! You’ve also got 2 tracks on Vipers Summer Slammers compilation, ‘Otium’ and ‘Woodblock Riddim’. What do you think makes the perfect summer tune?

That’s a hard question because I think it’s a matter of taste. For me personally, tunes with a bit of soul and a catchy hook or melody would have to be the key factors for a perfect summer tune.

Speaking of ‘Woodblock Riddim’, not your average summer vibes! What an eclectic release! LOVING that woodblock! Did you use a real woodblock?

Yes, haha, that was a real woodblock. I wanted to add something crazy to the track and for some reason I decided to add a sampled woodblock. It made the track more catchy and stand out which obviously inspired the title of the track.

Talk us through the wicked preset pack you’ve made available for free download, and what inspired you to do so?

I have always loved making sounds on synths and whenever i’m not in the mood for making music I will just spend my time creating synth patches, over the years I have put together folders and folders of presets and sounds that I have created. I just thought it would be nice to share some on my Facebook page and hopefully inspire some people with their music production.


Your label Talkin’ Beatz was a great stepping stone for new talent with first single releases from artists such as Netsky, Fred V & Grafix and early releases from Dimension as well.. Is it surreal to think how far these artists have come now?

I wouldn’t say it’s surreal as I always knew these guys would do well in drum & bass. They are all very talented and hard working guys and they totally deserve to be where they are right now. I’m just really pleased they got the love and recognition they fully deserved!

How did you get your ‘big break’, so to speak?

One of the moments that stand out for me is when I remixed Q – Projects ‘2 Little 2 Late’. So many big artists who I really look up to were dropping it regularly in their sets, it blew me away! The funny thing about it was I nearly gave up on finishing it because I thought it wasn’t good enough.

Well we’re relieved you didn’t! Which artists, old or new to the scene are impressing you at the moment?

You always have the standard favourites who are already established so here are a few of the newer names i’m really rating: Insomniax, Seismix, Cynematic, Code Red, Fusion UK, Live Wire and Hosta .

Some wicked talent right there! Last great albums you listened to from any genre?

Well that would have to be Summer selection 2014 and Summer Slammers 2014 of course! haha..

Good choices sir! What’s on the cards for you as an artist for the rest of the year?

Im working on some sample packs, collabs and remixes, and also getting my head down and trying to write as much music as I can. Hopefully you will hear a lot more from me very soon!

We can’t wait! Any final shouts?

Shouts to my girlfriend, all my friends and family and every one who is supporting my music!

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For every youngster that loves music there is always that pivotal moment of discovery. For KG it was in the early 90’s when he tuned his radio ...



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