Kelle: Air Strike

Kelle: Air Strike

Air pressure alert! Sweeping out of origins unknown – well Hungary if you’re being geographically picky – is THAT clinical, oxygen-sucked-out-of-the-airlock PURGE of ‘Respirator’. Ironically. With ‘Radiophobia’ continuing that insidious ‘Cold War-men-with-clipboards’ inference, it was time to get sucked in to some molten beats with Kelle.

Would you say that Respirator/Radiophobia showcase two MAIN sides of your sound Kelle sir?

It’s hard to say what the main side of my sound is, but I do know that this style, this sub-genre of D&B always played a big part in influencing my music production. I also like to make harder, neuro tracks as well as calmer liquid ones. It all depends on my mood. I can’t stick with one sound. I just go with my instincts.

I know of various Hungarian names such as MAV, Cube, Chris.SU… could you tell us about the scene there and what sort of styles will we encounter?

I’m a greenhorn in the Hungarian scene, so unfortunately I can’t give you an objective answer.

From my little experience D&B over here has big audience, especially in Budapest because people are very open to this genre. D&B has a foundation over here because our artists took an active part in the worldwide scene from the beginning with such as names like SKC, Tactile, Spinline, Mindscape and, as you mentioned, Chris.SU.

I don’t know where our work will take us in this country, but I’m sure we’ll continue it as long as the worldwide audience wants us to.

Cheap booze, good food, beautiful girls, quality music – what else do you want? Come and visit us!

General one about the ‘global’ scene: do you feel that the more global and ‘internet’ way of working is good or bad for D&B?

I see it in a good way. The internet in general presents a chance for producers like me from Eastern Europe, or anywhere far away from the sparkling centre of D&B, to become part of the scene. In my opinion a lot of talented people get a chance to show the world what they can do and become part of that musical world. It means there’s constantly fresh, new sounds filtering in that aren’t being controlled by anyone other than the people producing them.

What was the first moment that you determined to get into D&B?

I already liked D&B but just somehow I just couldn’t ‘feel it’, if you know what I mean? But with the help of Robert Czynky – the resident DJ of Radio Periscope – I got into the deeper side of the genre and after that it was just a question of time. Firstly he taught me how to mix with tracks over 170bpm and from that I fell in love with D&B.


So who would you cite as people who inspired you?

Czynky with his endless patience and feedback on my first efforts. He provided me with the basis for my sound and helped me develop it.

Jade – the founder of the Eatbrain movement. I’ve sent him loads of tunes and he always came back to me on every one. His feedback helped me so much

Mindscape Greg and Chris.SU – their originality and innovation on each new production.

From the international scene, names behind RAM, Critical, Exit Records, MedSchool, Commercial Suicide, Metalheadz, Shogun, Virus, etc just to name some. But the list is endless!

You have come in with a strong release here, very distinctive and full of energy, what’s next from you?

Thank you! That’s a hard question. Work and my private life takes up a lot of my time and energy, but I hope my next production won’t disappoint. I can’t say what they are going to sound like; I want it to be a surprise.


You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.
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