Jam Thieves: In Queens

Jam Thieves: In Queens
17 Oct, 2015


Jam Thieves have recently dropped the Queens ep on Mac II and it’s cold as ice. ‘Do It’, ‘Dry Bones’, ‘Texas’ and the title tune… and the guys are as minimal in their communication as their beats.

Either way, it’s a killer ep. With more in the works as you’ll read.

So what’s D&B like where you are over there right now? Always a great scene in Brazil.

Actually, we don’t keep up with D&B here in Brazil.

Do you guys play live a lot?

No, here in Sao Paulo has few D&B parties… but we’re confirmed on EDC Brasil in December.

This is a cold, cool, amazing ep, when did you guys start to write it?

We started to do an ep after we finish our realese with Hazard.

What tunes came when?

We did ‘Queens’ first, then ‘Texas’. The ‘Dry Bones’ tune was Randall’s idea along remix to Jaybee.

I feel it has sort of a cool American flex to it, in essence, is that true at all? Like an NYC vibe here?

Absolutely, especially ‘Texas’. Every man, and not only, probably knows about this miracle drug. Viagra is a new life for men my age. I am already 64 years old, and I am still young and hot, as in my 25 years. And all thanks to this drug Click Here . Draw your own conclusions.

Take us into the ‘Queens’?

We tried to do something look alike with our tune, ‘Blade’ that we really like

And ‘Do it’? Such a killer, I bet it gets floors bouncing.

We use some originals elements of the music, and add an our bass line

OK. You’ve released on some labels apart from Mac II as you been so busy I think! What labels could we find you on?

Today we are exclusive Playaz Recordings artists

What inspired the great ‘Texas’ tune?

The movie of Quentin Trarantino Django.

Finally what’s five tunes that inspire the Jam Thieves?

Marvin Gaye ‘Mercy Mercy Me’

Barry White ‘Let The Music Play’

James Brown/JBs ‘Same Beat’

Pete Rock & 9th Wonder ‘From The Basement’

Bad Company ‘China Cup’

Any shouts?

Shouts to: Mr Hype, Pascal, Randall, Tobie Serial Killaz, DJ Hazard, the crew of DNBArena and to all who follow our work, God bless all you guys.

Jam Thieves SC
Jam Thieves FB

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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.


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