Hidden Turn: The Ride

Hidden Turn: The Ride


The music tends to speak for itself when it comes to Hidden Turn and especially the album on 31…

The Ride.

An excerpt from which below, one of too many tracks that can be absorbed in one sitting… this is a widely-ranging, engrossing album which properly takes root with you. And maybe that’s one interpretation of the cover art.

[He sent us a nice recent shot too if you scroll a bit.]

Hi HT what are you up to, today?

Ahhh! What a nice question! You’re a charmer! Gonna go for a walk because it’s a nice day then got to work then I want to stay up late making weird music.

Where are you based for people new to you? If you don’t want to say that’s cool too.

Well Damian – can I call you Damian? – I live on an island just off the coast of Brazil at the moment. Come to visit one day!

What D&B first ever got you… and what D&B continued to inspire over recent times?

Oooof… DAMIAN!! You get me comfortable with two easy questions then lay this one down for me! Er… I remember buying two copies of 31 Recordings’ Nasty Habits ‘Shadow Boxing’ and ‘Prototyped’ coz I wanted to mix one into the other on vinyl. I particularly loved ‘Prototyped’ so it was amazing to have my remix released! Since then, wow! I don’t know where to start!

The Certificate 18/Moving Shadow/early Subtitle’s stuff was really inspiring for me. Teebee has always been very special for me… all that Tech Itch madness, the depth of Paradox… Jonny L’s energy, Digital, Amit… sooo much good music!

And these days there’s just way too many good artists to mention!

But big ups to everyone making Drum and Bass the most exciting type of music out there! What about you? What got you into D&B?

Fab and Groove’s Radio 1 show in late 90s from 2-4am.

I feel like this album was you really pushing, really exploring the boundaries, is that right?

I should just say yes, but the truth is I have no idea! The music just seems to make itself. I just try to give it what it seems to be asking of me until it seems complete. I’m like a supervisor…

The Ride is the 12 best tunes that seem to work well together. We spent a long time getting the track list right. I wanted a story, a journey, an album, not just a collection of tunes. But really, I never imagined that other people would like my music.

It’s very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very special to be able to share it.

I get emotional when I receive a message from someone somewhere telling me that they like a tune or something.

When did you start work on The Ride? Do you work in a special place… and when do you like to work?

I never really started… It was Doc Scott’s idea maybe because of the huge amount of music I’d sent over countless months! Ha ha! But once he’d asked me, I started making tunes specifically for the idea I had for the album. I try to work in a quiet, calm place usually at night. I love being next to a window and some outdoors ambience is good too! A tree house in a forest would be about right.

To some tunes here. Can you take us into ‘Begin’? Love the vibe on this and the instrumentation.

This is one of those tunes that came together very quickly and easily. For a long time (like so many other tunes I have) it sat ‘unfinished’ because I felt like it needed more. After some time I realized that it was ok as it is. I quite like the simplicity and innocence of it.

Who are some of the collaborators on the album? For eg Key… I love ‘In The Name Of’.

Seo is someone who I met in Europe. We became friends and one day I played her some of my music. I was very surprised when she liked it and she sang a little on a tune I’d been working on. It was just one take, nothing planned… the best way! Haha! I think she lives in France now. Big ups Seo.

Key is a well known MC in Japan. I got in touch with her through a friend of a friend. I sent her some unfinished tracks and she sent some vocals for me. I was very happy to work with her. She’s a very talented person.

Can I ask something? This might be a good chance to ask for other vocalists. I’m always looking for vocalists, any style, any language. Give me a shout if you’re interested! ..


Can you take us into ‘Anybody Can?’

I was going through a very bad time personally. Someone had sent me a sample pack for my birthday and I was checking it out and having a few beers. Gradually something emerged. I followed the direction it was taking all night and ended up with this tune. I listened to it a few days later and loved it.

It will always remind me of that tough time and being strong.

Initially I was very reluctant to put this on the album.

… and ‘Not Kill’?

I rewrote this answer several times. I don’t want to go on a big anti-war rant… but seriously, when did preemptive war become ok? Who told a small group of countries that they could be the police for the world?… makes me so fucking mad. Stop killing people.

… and ‘Not Fear’?

Just more introspective stuff. All of the tunes come from some emotion or experience. I honestly can’t remember what was going on when I made this. It was just one that came good. I’ll just sit down with a blank piece of paper and see what comes. More often than not it’s just nonsense which is ok. I’ll never try to force something. If it’s a dead end, it’s a dead end, move on to the next piece of paper. I’ll finish about one out of about 10 tunes that I start… that’s ok for me.

I enjoy the process, the release, so if it doesn’t get finished, no worries.

… and a tune of your choice, that you feel sums up what the album is about?

‘Freedom’ is my mum’s favorite and I love it too. It’s a little different, from the heart and home made with love

What is one tune of all time I can include here that inspires, any genre?

Any genre?! Damian! What’s up? He he…

Any shouts Hidden Turn?

Shouts to my brothers and my sister, all my family. Shouts to Kal, Vacious, Mr. Vortex, Sound Minutes, Teebee, Seo, Key MC, Mr. Pitt, Zoe, Evans, Klarol, Sam, Node, Nanny, Joe, Pas. Shouts to Charlene and Gui e minha mãe do Brasil. Shouts to Translation Recordings. MASSIVE shouts to Chris Parkinson for everything he’s done for me and my music. Shouts to Jon Black for the artwork.

Obviously BIG props to Doc Scott. He’s always given me a lot of freedom and always respected my ideas. I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me. I’m forever indebted to him… and the BIGGEST AND BEST shout to everyone who has supported my music over the years. SOOOOO much love there for these guys… and shouts to you too Damian.

I hope we did ok… Let me know when you arrive in Brazil haha.

Big ups D&B Arena. Thank yooooooouuuuu.

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