Get To Know: Nitri

Get To Know: Nitri

All eyes and ears should be tuned into Program this week as they unleash their first single of 2013: Programmed V1.0. A hefty four-piece presentation, it’s riddled with future-tinted grooves from a truly international crew.

Russia’s represented well with two superb tracks from Eastcolors and Paul B, the UK flag is flying high with a storming cut from Audio and Meth and we’re also destined for Brazil with Concentration, a supreme minimal funk cut from Nitri. With Brazil’s next-gen breed well and truly establishing themselves on the drum & bass landscape we thought we’d lock down with Nitri and send him some questions.

Not only that, but all eyes and ears should also be tuned to The Risky’s Podcast as we’ve also bagged ourselves a mix from Nitri! Read the interview below and subscribe to our podcast series today!   

Yo Luciano… How’s it going?

“Yeah, all good here thanks. Busy working right now!”

Let’s talk about Concentration. Huge tune! How did the hook-up with Program happen?

“Thanks for that. Actually, it was a little hard to believe. I sent the track to Andy C and within a few weeks, I have had contact with Ray (Rampage – Program manager), saying he really liked the track and wanted to sign it! I did not know what to say! Everything worked out nicely.”

It’s full of cool clicks and whirs and so much funk! Did it take a lot of concentration to make?

“I like this track style. I love minimal percussion arrangements and anything futuristic. Very clean production. It’s the kind of music I love making! As for difficulty: each track has its own challenges. Every track involves a lot of hard work.”

What’s the best DJ feedback you’ve had on it so far?

“I’ve had some amazing feedback on this track. Andy C, Bryan Gee were the largest DJs but it’s had great support from a lot of DJs. I’m very proud!”

What’s your concentration span like anyway? Are you easily distracted or fully focused?

“I always try to concentrate and focus on what I’m doing.  When I sit down to produce, I grab my coffee and cigarettes and sit in front of the monitor for hours and hours. I’m always focused on what I’m doing!”

Your track Break The System was featured on Jumping Jack Frost’s Big Bad & Heavy mix on Chronic last year. It’s massive and totally different to Concentration…. Is this wide-eared approach to production the type of range we can expect from you?

“Yeah, Break The System was something different. It shows a different side to my production. Bryan Gee asked me to build a track that’s to my own taste. It was the first time I sent a track over to someone and they’ve liked it straight away. I have a few more tracks similar to Break The System. I’ve already told you my love for the minimal style, but sometimes I think it’s good to do something different and get away from the usual routine.”

So what else is coming up?

“I have so much material to launch in the next few months. A single and a few other projects for Horizons Music, a co-lab with Cabin Fever for Grid Records, a track for Allsorts and a track for Chronic. I’m also finishing a project with SuddenDef, Firesyne and MC Key. I have some other materials being tested by the labels. Loads going on!”

And when are you coming over to the UK to play?

“If all goes well, maybe in September or October.”

How’s the scene in Brazil at the moment? Seems to be some very exciting players out there at the moment… Level 2, Unreal, DJ Chap… we’re all imagining Sao Paulo to be like London but with better weather and ladies wearing a little less clothing. Are we right?

“We have quite a few stand-out producers right now. In addition to those you’ve mentioned, we have Critycal Dub and Rusty. The scene over here has really upped its production game. I have followed the little parties here, they’re great, but I believe it still does not compare the UK! The climate of São Paulo is nice to go out at night but let’s not forget to big up the Brazilian ladies! They will always be the most beautiful. Ha!”

Finally please tell us something about yourself you’ve never told in an interview!

“As this is my first interview, I can safely say I’ve never told any of this in an interview before! I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s supported my music, especially the Program crew. Peace!”

Programmed V1.0 is out now!
Listen and download

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