Gancher & Ruin: The Chase

Gancher & Ruin: The Chase


‘You don’t have to be a prisoner of one style’

For some time now, the utterance ‘Gancher & Ruin’ was more akin to a simple PHRASE. Meaning: total dancefloor annihilation. The Russian duo – Dmitry Goncharenko and Alexey Goncharenko – traditionally work as a systematic demolition team on the live front; one covertly surveying the potential as the other devises the assault, and now they’be been backed by Eatbrain, culminating in something that was ALWAYS going to aurally resemble something mechanical, super-volatile and probably quite unfairly & advantageously engineered behind the scenes, let’s face it.

Welcome to The Chase.

GN’R! You have been involved in D&B for a long while now: how are you feeling about the music right now, and how have you changed over time in terms of how you operate?

Hard to say. Music is always changing. It evolves. That’s what we like.

It’s better having something new than keeping old standards. Nowadays there are plenty of copy-paste tracks and sometimes you’re confused if it’s a track of someone famous or not. A lot of producers are trying to copy popular tracks without bringing in the track some of their style.

And your style?

We do the same thing as always.

You must always be developing, as sound engineers?

Well, it’s been a big year for us. We’ve been into a lot of different music besides drum and bass and that has expanded our vision. When you diverge from something you usually do it gives you more potential, more new thoughts, points of view and you improve your skills of course.

That’s how we try our best to bring our style into the music we do.

When did ‘The Chase’ come together?

It was made quite a long time ago. We just tried to follow the emotions you get when you are chasing someone or being chased.

You can stumble, fall, lose your breath and get an adrenalin rush of course. For us it doesn’t need many sounds to show these emotions.

The Chase is better than the catch!

And Jade is here too, how did it work that you all worked together?

We did this track special for Pirate Station: Circus. It got a great response from the audience and we thought it could fit our Eatbrain EP so we sent it to Jade.

We are really into how drum and bass music feels and his work on this track. He has made it even more of an absolute dance-floor-banger!

Overall the ep has gone down well, would you say?

Yes: back for the Imagination Festival in November and on Pirate Station last February… people were insane when we dropped the EP. Every time we play one of the tracks it puts a wide smile on our faces!

So how would you regard the ep in general?

In this EP we wanted to show the different points of our view on neurofunk: ‘The Chase’ was more adrenalin and extreme combination of baselines mixed with sharp drums. Maybe more futuristic.

‘Jump’ became a real ‘bouncy dance floor anthem’. ‘Dragonfly’ expressed an idea of ‘bricky’ drums with the same style basslines which is more steppy-neurofunk.

To be honest we tried to do ‘Elemental’ as more intelligent and deep neurofunk track… but still filled with crispy basslines.


What music do you listen to outside of D&B?

Veeeerrrry different music. Depends on our mood. We can listen to techno or 80s music and cinematic/orchestral music!

Any shouts, GN’R?

Big shouts to our fans! We love you all! Thank you for supporting us!

We never forget styles we’ve been into, so there are a lot of new tracks to come! If you try to work not only in one style, discover new horizons, create and innovate something in what you are really into – that makes you an artist. You don’t have to be a prisoner of one style.

The Chase ep

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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.