Gamma: Journeys to Zion

Gamma: Journeys to Zion
20 Jan, 2015


Gamma‘s new Zion ep for Dispatch is as much-anticipated as it is an engrossing, heads-down, fulfilling fix.

Enough talk, just dip in and listen…

Hey Gamma, what are you doing right now?

I’m spending a lot of time with Fm8 to make some sick bassline.

You come from Hungary? Always a fantastic scene there!

Yeah the scene is amazing in Hungary and Budapest has a next level nightlife! But now I live in London, for the past couple of years.

I’m enjoying the new Zion ep for Dispatch and the flow of the title tune, that is wicked. Can you talk us through the ‘Zion’ tune?

It’s a bit dubby, it’s a bit techy with a halftime D&B spine, its mixed up! Thats why it’s ‘Zion’.

What inspires you and the sound you have? Do you have many influences over the years that have crept in?

I always admired Kemal and Rob Data, Digital and Spirit, The old Hardware sound, Metalheadz, Icicle, Alix Perez, Rockwell, Chris.Su and Skc, Kollectiv Turmstrasse, Stimming, Red Shape, The Chemical Brothers, Trap Music…

Where do you play out over there and in general, what are the clubs like?

I play some smaller local gigs at home and in Budapest of course which are amazing. Still a big interest in the deep side of the force. My favorite palce is the A38 boat in Budapest! It’s a floating Studio on the Danube where you can dance and get wasted. It’s awesome!

Can you take us behind ‘3 Days’ with Hydro and what inspired it?

David – Hydro – loves his samples and I love working with him, always find the right direction with him. We stretched these vocals and it makes the tune warm and atmospheric… it makes it a unique roller.

How did the linkup to Dispatch happen and what’s it like to be part of the crew?

It’s a thing I’m always gonna be proud of! As Spinline I had loads of releases on Dispatch… I know Ant and Dispatch for a long time. I played in Leeds, at Fabric and at Outlook with Andris and Norbi/Spinline with them too. I think it’s one of the best D&B labels out now!

Tell us about upcoming shows and releases in the pipeline this year?

I have a few gigs here around London, Brighton, Birmingham, Budapest and I hope I can go back to Belgium and Italy this year and that I can play in France… it’s missing from my list. I’ll keep you guys posted!

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