G.H.O.S.T in the machine

G.H.O.S.T in the machine

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G.H.O.S.T are a – dare we say it – mysterious and evasive entity, loosely based in London. Their new ep’s been causing a suitably satisfying disturbance, particularly the haunting ‘Syrup’. If you know the collective – including their imprint Goldman Records – chances are you’ll already more than aware of the distinctive, Actress-like physical nature of the releases themselves: check the bandcamp link at end. But first things first…

Can you break down who you are?

We’re a group of four producers: Lewis, Will, Matt and Tom we met several years ago. We’re based in London and Matt’s on a sabbatical in Denmark.

I really love the tracks. ‘Syrup’ is as nice as the title suggests…

‘Syrup’ was started about a year ago: someone brought the session in to the studio at the time and we all were vibing off the samples and what was already there. Again it got passed around and worked on by all of us until we were happy with the final feel of the track

What about ‘Swinger’?

‘Swinger’ was started about 3 years ago and was then continued in various different sessions by all of us at different points until we were happy with the outcome.

Do you set out to create something specific or… ?

Generally, there isn’t a set formula. We don’t go into the studio thinking we are going to make a certain-sounding track.

To be honest when we go in on a track it is all about having fun and doing something we all really love!

Usually we will start with drums, a sample or we’ll be working off a hook. We build a track around that until there is a solid track. We have a range of hardware we use and a lot of plugins we use in the box, but again nothing is set in stone. Sometimes we prefer to use plugins and in other situations we will use hardware.

G.H.O.S.T - Syrup EP Flyer-001

What sort of view have you got for Goldman Records, what sort of D&B do you want to rep?

Goldman records was set up so we could get our music out ourselves, allowing us to have full control over everything.

As for the sound or what we want to represent we don’t have have any boundaries set; we have a wide range of tastes and this naturally comes out in the music we make.

That artwork of yours is nice…

Ha ha yeah man, have to big up Pascal for artwork!

What labels inspired you?

D&B has such a massive back catalogue of labels and artists, from Reinforced to Protoype to labels like Suburbanbase. Whilst we draw from this for our musical inspiration, Goldman records is about how we want to represent our music.

I was nicely struck by the atmospheres in your music… what’s some D&B that influenced you in the atmosphere dept?

For atmos and vibes all round it’d be…

Alaska & Paradox ‘Tomorrow’s Tomorrow’

Source Direct ‘Secret Liaison’

Photek ‘The Rain’

… plus Bad Company ‘Ladies of Spain’ and B-Key ‘Guitars Tune’.

Do you guys play live or do nights? Or radio?

We do! But we have not played any gigs for ages because we’ve been busy working on the label and making tunes. Finding time to fit in everything including life can be a bit mental! But we are available for gigs so hit us up if you’re interested

We do a regular show on RudeFM.com on a Tuesday night from 8:00 – 10:00.

Goldman Records podcast

G.H.O.S.T bandcamp

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