Furney: Widescreen D&B

Furney: Widescreen D&B
19 Dec, 2014


D&B is superb party music; as long as people want to go out and dance fast, it will always be around!

LDMusic is definitely an intriguing label, and Furney‘s stepped up recently as LDM001, namely ‘Spaghetti Western/You’ – the one with that fab minimalist cover, part of a bigger picture it seems…

The plot thickens. We decided to ask Furney about his recent venture, and about his distinctive, much-travelled city vibe. There’s also a mix at the end to check.

Have you changed as a producer this year? Any new elements crept in?

Living with my girlfriend now, she obviously breathes drum and bass also. She has given me a new confidence and also a constant ear to play music to!

Can you talk us through ‘Spaghetti Western’, in terms of what inspired it? Am a Sergio Leone fan myself.

I couldn’t think of a title and asked little miss fortune to come up with one. She claimed the track painted images of old spaghetti westerns so we went with that!

And who is the ‘You’ of the title? and what influenced the tune?

Originally it received quite a bit of airplay as “True Believers”. Russell (LDMusic) told me before he knew what the track was called, he referred to it as “youuuuuuuuuu”.

I thought it would be totally wizard to rename it “you” as an irony and nod to the guy who signed it! So I guess “You” is Russell! So there you have it, two tracks I didn’t name!

For people new to Furney what are some career signposts, some events along the way, some milestones?

I’ve done a few things that I’m pleased with: TV and documentary work for Channel 4 and Sky was fun. Releases on great labels; GLR, CIA, Liquid V, 31 Records, Phuzion, Soul Deep, Sheer Velocity, Telluric, a lot of positive stuff!

Having tracks played out by people I’ve followed, some D&B greats!… is a nice feeling as well.


I’ve played at great London venues such as Ministry of Sound, The Rocket, The End, Herbal, Turnmills… also a resident at Bukem In Session at Fabric for five years.

I played my music to clubs in Cologne, Mannheim, Berlin, Munich, Schetzengen, Dresden, Sopot, Chorzow, Krakow, Gdansk, Moscow, Zagreb, Vienna, Slovenia, Estonia, Prague, New York, Toronto, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Leiden to name a few!

Where can we find you playing out, what sort of nights? Is the health of the scene healthy as it was, in UK?

I play more abroad but do play nights around the UK: I think the scene is healthy. D&B is superb party music, as long as people want to go out and dance fast, it will always be around!

Here’s a leftfield one: what album recording session of any band or musician would you have loved to have been present at? For the vibe, the re-takes/overdubs/tantrums/magic/producers/weirdness… ?

Maybe The Winstons drumming the Amen break, so I could watch for the shape of the room, drum kits, mic placement, method of recording, eq and so forth.

Something a bit weird happened when that drum section was born!


A a fine year. Found love, moved to Bristol, saw Ibiza, played sun and bass, good overseas gigs: Prague, Estonia, Gdansk, Mannheim amongst others. I produced a remix with LTJ Bukem, secured an album deal with Russell on LDMusic and had a few vinyl releases.


Releases, DJ sets and hopefully finish my debut album with LDMusic.

And me winning the lottery.

You/Spaghetti Western
LDMusic sc

You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.


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