Fuj: Nights in the Zone

Fuj: Nights in the Zone


You can’t have the light without the dark

Simplicity is sometimes so key. So, simply, let’s introduce the shapeshifting being known as Fuj – an ‘Australien’ through and through – in the wake of an enveloping release on AutomAte Deep. Check his mix for the label at the end: highly recommended.

Fuj, can you tell us about yourself?

Cheers! Like all good electronic consumables I’m made in Japan, road-tested in Laos and exported to Australia, via Canada.

I hope to increase my production time and output now that I have my own dedicated man cave/studio. Just got some new monitors too; Event Opals…I’d have my way with them if they had bigger bass ports ha ha. I have new EPs and tunes incoming via AutomAte, Scientia and Ground Mass.

I love the ‘space’ in the tunes, the sort of of awareness of sounds and letting them breathe, how does that sit? ‘Aphotic Zone’ is a great example.

That’s definitely a conscious decision; these tracks are on a minimal tip so sounds were shaped to be defined, clean but not clinical. I’m learning to stray away from the temptation of filling out the tracks unnecessarily, which in turn give the focal points their own space and room. I’m quite content once you can’t remove any more sounds… rather than adding.

This leads to the balance with context and space; you can’t have the light without the dark.

When do you like to work, night or day?

Mostly I’m a night owl, I seem to get the most done when the sun has set and the mood is dark. If it’s not dark enough I don my hooded cape and/or sunglasses… like Bono with special powers.

Regarding sounds, what are the sort of sounds that do it for you, that really make you sit up, that strike you? Your sounds are really deeply considered, never just put in simplistically.

Good question; I guess my sonic decisions would depend on the type of track of course but whatever I go for, it has to have character, depth and be not so over-bearing that it consumes the track.

Sometimes you need to layer and balance low/mid/high sounds to achieve that, be it with bass stabs, atmospherics, breaks or whatever.

These days I do tend to like sounds that have a bit of reverb, sense of space and deepness.


Tell us about ‘Talus Nights’ and what inspired? and what inspired the title?

The tune evolved around the minimal beat; a sense of foreboding gloominess came through the intro: strings and horns led the way… a bitch to mix out phase issues I must add.

This darkness is enveloped under a shadow, like the one a Talus endures at the base of a cliff.

Also it’s a fictional planet from Star Wars, and who doesn’t like Star Wars?

I know of some collabs you’ve done: who are your allies and mates in the music?

Major props go out to the one like Dauntless; amazing producer, friend and sensei: we have a tune out soon on Scientia which has been supported by Fourward on their recent tour to our shores. A lot more forthcoming in the near future from us.

Fez at Haunted Science for putting up with our shit and bringing out the acts that matter to the Sydney scene and beyond.

MTWN and Dexta for remixing my tunes and taking them to the next level, much love!

George ‘Deficit’ at AutomAte for the endearing support, not only for my music but guiding me in technical aspects, a fantastic producer to boot. A quick shout to my Amsterdam homies, Defucto and Enorme: two names to look out for.

What in D&B is sticking with you, of the recent past?

Cern with Under Another Sky on Dispatch. A proper album from head to toe, so much depth and killer collabs.

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