Five Minutes With: A.M.C

Five Minutes With: A.M.C

Head honcho at Titan Records, globe-galloping DJ, a producer with many irons in the fire… Just where does A.M.C find the time?

As he prepares to release his full solo release – the monstrous four track EP Noise Of Thunder – we thought we’d give him a call and see how he manages what’s becoming a very impressive career in beats. If you think “DJs sit around in their pants all day” think again…

Your first solo EP on your own label!

“It’s not just my first ever solo EP on my label… It’s my first ever solo EP full stop!”

Wow. Lots of self-imposed pressure?

“Of course! That’s why it’s taken me so bloody long. Noise Of Thunder was the first one off the EP that I made, back in April, and the original idea was to put that on the next Surface EP. Then I made another tune, which then became two tunes, I was also working with Katie on something and I suddenly thought ‘maybe I should put out an EP?’ They all kinda work together.”

Consistency but variety. It’s a fine line…

“Exactly! I’ve spent a long time trying to nail that fine line. In the meantime we’ve released the Athys & Duster EP, which did really well, and I had planned on getting my EP out straight after. But because it’s my first EP the geek took over and I started trying to make every element perfect. It’s been a huge learning curve. I’ve applied techniques I’d never used before and they’ve made a big difference to my production.”

What type of techniques?

“Mixing down techniques, creative techniques, mastering techniques. Little things that all add up. I’ve also been telling myself not to brick wall everything, I’ve been bad for that! I’ve learned a lot about mixing drums down and used a lot of different plug-ins. I won’t give away my secrets but I’ve used different arrangements of plug-ins to get sounds I’ve never used or created before. A lot of experimenting and trial and error.”

So the next EP is going to sound bigger again?

“Hopefully! I’m working on a lot of different things at the moment. I’ve been collaborating with DBR UK recently. They’re well into that darker, steppy, Skeptical kinda sound. So we’ve been vibing between each other. It works well with my sound. It’s a bit of a Virus vibe with an old school feel mixed with Exit Records. It’s mad. We’ve got something signed to Icarus Audio called Quiet Storm and loads more in the pipeline. We made one yesterday as it goes. They only live around the corner from me.”

Nice. How about Titan? What’s next on that?

“We’ve got an EP from T-Phonic in the new year. There’s a new Surface EP with a track with me and T-Phonic, a track from Athys & Duster, a track from DJ Oder which has been smashing it. We’ve been sitting on this track of his for a while so we’re looking forward to releasing that. There’s another track from a duo who I can’t announce yet. It’s very exciting. Tell you what else I’ve been doing?”

Tell me…

“I’ve been doing music for sync purposes. You won’t see my name on it but it’s all good fun and really interesting to make. I make loads of stuff. Mad old hardcore, crusty rave stuff, dubstep, loads of bits. It’s refreshing. If I was to make D&B all day long I’d be tearing my hair out. It’s nice to go out, do something different, learn new techniques and come back to D&B with twice as much love.”

So you’re broadening more as an artist. You run a label. You’re DJing all over the shop. Where do you find the time?

“I don’t! I was doing part time work until April last year then I jacked it in and went musical full time. It was a big jump but an amazing one. Some of my mates who live near me are always like ‘Alex man, we never see you!’ I tell them I’m working and they’ll be like ‘eh? You’re a DJ! You don’t get up until 1pm and you just sit around in your pants all day!’ It really isn’t like that! I put so much time in; finding new music, finding new artists, signing those artists and really seeing how I can help them in terms of their development and production. When I sign something to Titan it’s not just about the music; it’s how we can develop them and get them next level. It’s how we can get them gigs. They want to play the music they’re making! Any problems our artists have I’ll deal with it. That’s my main priority; looking after my artists. Then it’s production. Then it’s DJing. If you’d have asked me this a year ago I’d have said ‘gigs. It’s all about the gigs.’ Don’t get me wrong; I love the gigs but I’ve got other priorities; the production is going so well I don’t want to stop. Mind you, the gigs have been amazing this year… UKF / Rampage in Belgium has been sick. Let It Roll in Czech Republic. The list goes on!”

Nice. Anything else to add?

“Yes. My EP is out now, so please check it out. After that we’ve got T-Phonic’s EP which has a track called All Night Long that’s been smashed by a lot of big DJs. Then in January we’ve got Surface EP 2. Then there’s a cool thing from Wickaman and Sudden Def, then Serial Killaz, then there’s new duo I was talking about and loads more. We are backed up big time but that said, I’m always eager to hear from new producers so if you think you’ve got something I might like then send it me, my AIM is AMCUK07 or email to info@titan-records.co.uk.”

Noise Of Thunder is out now on Titan. Listen and download.

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.
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