Five Minutes With: Minor Rain

Five Minutes With: Minor Rain


Kickstart your week with a real gully punch: Minor Rain has returned to Addictive Behaviour. And he’s done so with two of his most alarming, hard-hitting creations to date. Hard hitting creations like this:

This year alone has seen the Slovakian producer enjoy releases on respected labels as diverse as Renegade Hardware, Med School and Triple Vision. He also blew the roof off any expectations with his genre-melting album Dominia.

From our point of view, he’s smashed this year to pieces. Yet, in his eyes, he doesn’t think he’s done enough! Such is the life of a perfectionist in pursuit of his dreams… To celebrate his return to Addictive Behaviour, we grabbed a few moments of his time – and grabbed this stately mix in the process. Press play and take time get to know Minor Rain on a whole new level.


Support Thunderbird / Flux

It’s been almost a year since we last spoke…. How has 2014 been for you?

Yeah, this year has been pretty difficult for me. I’ve also been really busy with my full-time job. This is the reason why I’ve had markedly less releases this year compared to previous years. But I definitely promise more music in 2015. But basically I am still good.

You’ve had LOTS of activity on some really respected labels, though! Renegade, Med School, Triple Vision and many more. This must be a good feeling – to have your sound resonate with so many different sides, right?

Of course I am pleased to be a part of these labels, it’s a great experience collaborating with different labels and it´s also great in terms of promotion, and I would undoubtedly like to work with other labels.

Speaking of all sides…. The Dominia LP covers the whole spectrum! Some really beautiful sounds and styles at play on the whole album. Sounds like it was a real labour of love, was it?

Certainly yes. The Dominia LP consists of a whole colour palette of sounds. It´s aimed at a wide spectrum of listeners. I decided to devote this LP to my darling because she influenced me the most during the life of the project.

Nice! Straight off the top of your head – what’s been your favourite personal production of 2014 and why?

I usually haven´t got a favourite tune of my own but if I have to choose one it would probably be Maincore, the tune was released on Future Funk music and is the one that I like the most. But It´s only a subjective rating because, as a producer you experience the whole process of the tune and people only hear the final product. Maybe the reason I like it most is because I know how much hard work and time I sacrificed on it

Let’s chat about this new Addictive Behaviour release! Nice to be back?

Of course, I am glad I can collaborate with AB. Those guys are doing very well and support me all the time. Every release is quality and that´s important. I am certainly happy to collaborate with them again in the future.

Thunderbird is a bit naughty – that moaning, groaning noise is a freaker! – any particular inspirations or epiphanies during this track?

To be honest my thoughts when I started to make this tune were weird, but the important main point was to make something dancefloor and I think I’ve done that. Firstly I started to make a few new synths but finally decided to use the main synth from one of my tunes Mammut released on Med School Music. It guaranteed a great bassline groove so I made a few variations and went with it. I also wanted to put a massive snare and kick along with a few smaller kick and snares to keep that minimalism sound to it.  So the first concept was completely scrapped and the end track was the complete opposite of the original concept.

Thunderbird is also a fortified wine that gets you stupidly shitfaced in the UK. Are you much of a drinker? If so, what’s your favourite tipple?

I swear I’ve never heard of it before! But thanks, I know I´ll have to be careful about Thunderbird when I´ll come to the UK. I’m an average drinker, I’ll have a few drinks on Friday but all in moderation. I like whiskey, mostly Jack Daniels and of course native spirits like slivovica, hruškovica but also I wouldn’t refuse a quality currant or porto wine.

Now Flux… more ghostly sounds in the textures! Tell me about anything that inspired or motivated you for this track please…

Every good release needs some fire. Flux is a real burner of a release. I originally made a clear pulsing synth that lined the whole tune. Compared to Thunderbird this one was just a standard banger concept with massive drums and bass. To be honest I can´t remember what was in my head when I worked on this but possibly I was angry, can you hear it?

We can! Let’s flip that into a positive… tell me what motivates you in LIFE!

Mainly victories… Big or small, it’s not important. Also my dreams that I live for. It moves me step by step. Sometimes I can´t get going then it´s my sweetie who helps me through every time. A necessary part of my motivation is from people that like my music, It´s the best feeling ever when someone is happy from a tune I’ve made. The same when I receive messages from some fans it´s just awesome. That’s an infinite source of energy to me, a catalyst to make more and more music!

So what else have you got up your sleeve for the future release-wise?

I don’t know anything for sure 100%. But certainly I am planning big things and I’m currently working on new material but it takes more time now than in previous years. Everything is slower because I have less time for music due to my full-time job and other activities but you can be sure to look forward to new stuff from me.

Finally… Last time we spoke you told us you vomit from jitters before most gigs. Do you still experience that now or have you found a cure?

Haha I hoped you’d forgotten that. I don´t know how it is nowadays because my last gig was back in April this year. I had to cancel all this year gigs because I’ve had some problems. But now I am open to bookings again and I’m going to find out if this ritual still works quite soon as I have an upcoming gig which is in Brussels (Belgium). I´ll keep you updated anyway !

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