Fade: Xenomorphing

Fade: Xenomorphing


With some recent big-label accomplishments – we’ll come to that – Fade has switched off the lighting to leave us confronted by the fierce duo of ‘Xenomorph’ & ‘Wounded’ (both bathed in red emergency lighting and flickering fluoros), all backed up by the impassive Free Love Digi militia. You can run etc…

Big up Fade how’s things with you? Times have been, well, morphing for you…

Everything good here, thanks! I’ve been stuck in studio for a long time making new music, experimenting with sounds, genres. I did quite a lot new tunes, so in near future you can expect lot’s of new releases by myself as Fade and from my new collab project with my wife Julia.

I am extremely proud that I had chance to release my music on Hospital Recordings and Technique Recordings. I believe it’s major achievement in my career.

To the work for FLD… why the title ‘Xenomorph’? Is this what you imagined when you wrote it, an actual alien? (they are always evil aren’t they) Love this tune.

Well yeah, this track are inspired by some thoughts about extraterrestrial forms of life and they are definitely evil!

When I working on this track my idea was to combine oldschool rave stabs, amen fills with huge neuro basslines and minimalistic things.

I believe that’s ‘Xenomorph’ is one of my most experimental, creative works but in same time it sounds very good on dance floor.

How have you changed as a producer in the last few years… you are a very versatile producer, you do so much!

Thanks! My music is always displaying my current tastes. If a few years ago I was more into deeper/minimal stuff, now I like to play and produce more aggressive, sometimes more mainstream-ish music.

Has your studio changed much? what sort of new gear do you use, if any?

Not at all. I only bought midi keys Arturia Keylab 88, and now I have bigger space for experiments with melodic part of tracks.

Take us into the fantastic ‘Wounded’… what inspired?

The idea was make special track that would be good for start of my sets. I decided to do something with such kind of halfstep vibe. That how ‘Wounded’ was born. It’s not one of my latest tracks, but I still play it very often.

I am really glad that Quentin liked it and it was released via Free Love Digi.

What’s next from you?

Next I have forthcoming releases on Technique Recordings and tracks in Final Renegade Hardware album. Also as part of collaborative project with my wife Julia I have a track on next Medschool compilation.

For this moment that’s all I can say, but more exciting news to come!

What D&B’s on fire for you right now? who do you like?

From the recent stuff I heard I like Tantrum Desire, Document One, Kronology, Gradual, Krakota, Frederik Robinson, Ownglow.

Of course there is some amazing music by established names like Wilkinson, Drumsound & Basslinesmith, TC and DJ Hazard.


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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.