Fade: Into the Chemtrails

Fade: Into the Chemtrails


The unsleeping Fade has unleashed the kinetic, electric, fast-burning, iridescent new ep, from which magic sparks seem to fly… what’s in those Chemtrails again? We found out.

Hello FADE, how’s life been with you?

Hello Damian! Everything good here, last few months I was traveling around the europe and enjoying the sun.

Love Chemtrails… but first, what is it with the title? Is it one for conspiracy theorists?

Thank you! Nothing about for conspiracy, ha ha.

I spent pretty much time at airplanes during my travels. I’ve been making new music to spend time during flights and it’s inspired me to give this EP the title.

What sort of things went into the title track? It’s a great sound!

I’d call that ‘experimental percfunk’.

OK! So take us into ‘Future Funk’… a very cool tune with a great title that will resonate with any D&B fan who knows their stuff!

It’s not a secret that I am hugely inspired by science fiction. This is kind of the soundtrack of our possible near future.

Imagine big beautiful cities from glass and steel with flying cars, androids and a lot of other hi tech things!

I’d love to hear this out live…

I’ve got so much great feedbacks about it from different artist and deejays. I am pretty sure that it was played on many dancefloors around the world!

On to ‘Runner’, it’s a BOLD tune, it’s great! I imagine a crazy video with blinding fluoro colours juxtaposed against crazy images of people in B&W!! That’s just me… what do you see, when you play this track back?

Ha ha I like picture that you just described. It could be a good idea for a track video. I can imagine some person who is running running from robots, in pursuit around in different locations like a desert, abandoned city, some industrial areas…

So where are you steering your journey with D&B? Where do you want to go?

I’ll keep releasing more hard/dancefloor stuff under my alias Fade, but will be more concentrated on my new project Milkyway.

It’s more about the melodic side of electronic not only drum & bass.

Very soon our first track is coming as part of the Med School New Blood 016 compilation. After such good start of this project we will keep working on new music and hopefully soon I’ll be able to announce more news.

Got an inspirational tune right now, for you?

That would be Metrik ‘Life/Thrills’, true killer!


You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.
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