Everybody Wants To Be Somebody…

Everybody Wants To Be Somebody…

Here at Drum&BassArena HQ we’ve been hyping ourselves up for the World Cup, and whilst scrolling through football related news, we came across a special project set to do big things in 2014.

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Since introducing itself in 2010, Street Child World Cup has endeavoured to unite street children across the globe through football, art, and campaigning, challenging negative perceptions in the process.

In the run up to Rio 2014, the unique project has secured the backing of d&b heavyweights Hospital Records to help raise awareness. The partnership between the two forces resulted in the creation of the official anthem of the Street Child World Cup: I Am Somebody. The track borrows its name from the global campaign, and features the ever skilled production talents of Hospital’s London Elektricity and S.P.Y, as well as vocals from Diane Charlemagne, and the children of Brixton’s Corpus Christi School.

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The release features remixes from S.P.Y, Nu:Tone and Med School’s Lung, with all proceeds being donated to the Street Child World Cup fund. More than a piece of music, the Hospital website has billed the release as ‘a statement of identity which will challenge the negative perceptions and treatment of street children across the world’. Nice work!

We had a cheeky catch up with our mate London Elektricity to find out his thoughts on the collaboration:

Hi. Good to see you getting involved in something like this. How do you feel the track represents the project?

It’s perfect as the music is so uplifting. What’s great is that the lyrics were crafted and sung from the point of view of a street child who wants to be somebody…a real person. It’s about not being a victim, and in this case, football is the vehicle: ‘just give me the ball, cos I want to show you all’!

Can you talk us through the creation of track?

Street Child World Cup hit Hospital HQ up saying they were fans of London Elektricity and S.P.Y. As Carlos is Brazilian, it was a natural fit. Carlos already had a sketch on the go that he sent to me, and whilst I was walking between the Hospital office and my gaff, I wrote the chorus on my voice recorder over three days. I was stuck on the verses, so I called my good friend Diane Charlemagne and she came over and we nailed them together. She’s so quick to work with, we love her!

How did the inclusion of Brixton’s Corpus Christi School choir come about?

I knew I wanted kids on the track to sing the chorus but I didn’t know any good choirs. Luckily, my next door neighbour happens to be a chorister, and he told me about Corpus Christi school in Brixton. I sent the sketch and instrumental to their music teacher, and they invited us to come and record it – so we took two mics and a laptop to their hall. We didn’t know what to expect – but when we got there we were confronted with 75 children all sitting quietly. They all knew the track off by heart, and it was amazing to record. I’d probably say it’s the most fun I’ve ever had at a recording session. Sounds amazing!

Anything else to add whilst were here?

Yeah, just to say I feel very proud to be asked to be involved, and it feels very different making a track for charity… egos have no place in the process. I’m also super proud of our great remixers – Dan Nu:tone, James Lung and Carlos S.P.Y for his re rub as well!

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Well there you have it. Now it’s your turn to do you’re bit for an amazing cause, and inject some warmth into your winter in the process. I Am Somebody is warming us up for the road to Rio, and is available to buy now via the download store. Check out the video here, and most importantly, DONATE!

Were already looking forward to getting right involved in some World Cup fun nearer the time, so keep your eyes peeled for that.