Erection Selection 3: Lover’s Titles

Erection Selection 3: Lover’s Titles

erection selectionValentine’s Day: Can you feel the love?

We can. We feel it each and every!

Shucks, we don’t need a commercial conspiracy for us to get all smoochy. But, being as today is a day dedicated to romance, hearts, kisses and…er… sending anonymous stalker-ish love notes, we couldn’t resist a third chapter in our now established Erection Selection series.

A chance for us to tenuously merge the art of the love with the heaviness of bass and revisit some old classics, in 2012 we asked you guys for erection suggestions. In 2013 we asked the DJs for their erection selections.

Well this year we’ve gone literal and unearthed some of the sexiest, romantic and tender titles in drum & bass… And see how they’d actually fit any V-Day scenario.

We’ve even packaged them up into a sexy little bundle for the princely sum of £10.90

So…. Lights on dim. Rose petals on the bed. Soundsystem on blast. Sit back and enjoy 10 of the most romantic D&B titles in the history of our genre…

DBridge – True Romance

Any excuse to listen this beautiful tune. Look: it even makes lions hug!

We guess at ten years old this now enjoys classic status… Yet it still carries serious weight against today’s younger models. It’s probably best you don’t say those last words to your loved one. Instead, say this: You’re still as beautiful as you were the day I met you. Which is the same thing but far less likely to garner you a boot in the badboys.

Original Sin – Kiss

Best known for his more savage production artistry, this track from his 2009 album Grow Your Wings, shows Original Sin at his deepest and most alluring. Purring vocals, layers of rich bass, twinkling arpeggios… While most of his cuts scream ‘FUCK’, this one whispers ‘kiss’. Play this sexy roller at the right time and you’ll both be screaming the f-word later on.

Artificial Intelligence & Kathy Brown – Somebody To Love

When you need joy, you’ll always find somebody to love… So says Kathy, 53. Not the best thing to say to anyone who’s been single for years, but Valentine’s Day wasn’t designed for those unfortunate folk. The most important thing here is that it’s Artificial Intelligence at their boldest, brassiest and funkiest and, we learnt when we interviewed them last year, involved a full band during its production.

As well the heartfelt sentiments and general vibes of unity, this is actually ideal for any V-Day scenario when your other half is a D&B hater. It’s one of those tracks that could convince the biggest sceptic that our sound has plenty to give. Play this…. Then follow it hard with some Dom & Roland. Sexy time guaranteed.

Q Project – Love You So

Total Science’s long-haired lothario Quiff stepped up to the lover’s platform in 2007 with this sprightly roller. The romance here is coded deep into the bass… Bouncy and springy. Just like the bed later on eh? And with no real lyrical content, besides a husky spoken word snippet, it’s also a great way of saying ‘less words, more action’.

Mistabishi – Falling In Love

He may be one of D&B’s more controversial characters, but no one can deny the raw musical power of Mr Mistabishi right here. In fairness the real seduction comes from Danman’s rich reggae vocals but the power of those cinematic beats and the energy of the track are unarguably emotional. Don’t think this will help you in the love stakes? Listen to those lyrics again. Write those puppies down. Give them to your loved one as a poem and tell them you wrote it yourself. Score.

Break – Love So True

Oh gosh. Does this need an introduction or explanation?  The vibe on this is so well executed, Break really is The Don. Everything about this is sexual. If it doesn’t work for you then you’re doing something wrong. No question.

High Contrast – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Exactly what we said about Break’s Love So True. One of High Contrast’s best tunes, what’s not to love? The awesome samples, the seductive vocal loop, the pummelling double kicks and the title: that’s how all V-Day evenings should be. Kiss Kiss Bang Banger!

LSB – All Of My Love

We reckon you could drop any LSB track on a romantic evening and get a good reaction. When it comes to silky grooves, this Essex lad has got them laid down. With its dreamy chords, hip-shaking percussion and heartfelt vocal this one is particularly conducive to the right ambience.

Moving Fusion – SexDrive

Well there had to be at least ONE heavy track on this list, right? NOT to be played in the early evening when you’re setting the mood. NOT to be played when you’re making your first move. Moving Fusion’s thrashing slammer should only be considered when you’re in those throes. And even then, handle with care. Powerful and physical – there’s no romance here, just raw, unbridled sex drive. Sweaty.

Zero T- Morning Sex

A morning play-around before the world wakes up… MC Conrad you cad! What a beautiful way to end this lover’s list. Zero T is responsible for all sorts of deep, lush D&B vibes but few come as smouldering as this jazz-tinged number. Morning glorious.

Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.