Enei Q&A

Enei Q&A

Word of Enei has been a constant fixture on the lips of the drum & bass scene over the last year. His releases on some of the finest labels in the game from Critical (on which he is the only exclusive signing) to Mind Outside, Dub Police, CIAUK, Hospital, Med School and Fokuz have seemed revolutionary in their precise intensity.

It is the mark of a truly great producer to have that instantly recognisable sound, and with Enei’s recent remix of London Elektricity’s U Gotta B Crazy the young Russian proved without a doubt that he can stand up to the big boys of breakbeat. And now let the drum & bass chicks start screaming and the boys at the back get nodding because his Stonehead EP is dominating the Drum&BassArena download chart with deadly levels of production. Watch out for that Riya collab and Jubei remix, not to mention the ubiquitous Stonehead title track.

And now without further adieu we give you a few words from Enei. And we’re doing you a favour more than ourselves when we say buy the Stonehead EP out on Critical Music. It’s rather good.

Hello Enei, How are things where you are at the moment?

Hello! All good, bad weather in St. Petersburg as usual =)

How long have you been producing music?

I think its like 9 years.

What were you into before drum & bass?

I went to music school and just listened to all kinds of music, so i think that
was a cool impact for me. I tried to play all kinds of electronic music in Tractor DJ
studio before i started to make my own music.

The huge Stonehead EP is about to drop on Critical. Tell us the story behind that
one. Is it a sign of things to come?

Yeah i think i just made 4 nice tracks that just seemed to come together perfectly
for an EP. Those tunes are all about the dark atmosphere. I really love minimal and
strange sounds in a music.

If you could be a successful producer / DJ in any significantly different genre
what would it be?

I guess I’d be a great tech house producer with some latin tribal influences like
Mastiksoul etc.

Can you think of any ‘eureka’ moments or sudden realizations you had when
discovering production?

Yeah some months ago I was converting a file in wavelab, and i re-converted the file
at 8000 hz. I got really strange and dark sound, and then i converted that at 44100!
And now i can use small or long cuts of this sound. That was a great find.

Do you think vinyl will die out sooner than it should?

I think it’s already died in the house music industry, but it’ll never die altogether in
the drum and bass scene.

What two tracks are your favourite to mix into the next right now?

1. Enei feat. Riya – No Fear (Spectrasoul remix)
2. L 33 – Fallen

What would you be doing if you weren’t writing these answers?

I think I’d be drinking some beer and eating some good pasta with salmon!