T>I – Embroidery Stitch Errors

T>I – Embroidery Stitch Errors

Jamie S23 checks in again with T>I to discuss his latest release on Audio Danger, classic console moments and changes in procedure regarding Drum & Bass music videos. Read on for the facts and to enter a wicked exclusive competition!

The latest release for Audio Danger ‘Run Stitch Error’ is certainly bordering on what was once known as ‘Hard Step’ – was this a deliberate nod to the past?

“When I wrote the tune I had recently split up with an ex girlfriend, I just wanted to get my head down and release some tension. This was never supposed to be a deep and meaningful track, I just wanted to create something minimal that also caused damage on the dance floor, something that would appeal to as many people as possible.

I guess you could say it’s a nod to ‘Hard Step’, especially because of how much I love the old breaks and programming drums. Certainly my time spent raving back in the early 90’s influenced my production and I’m pretty sure you can hear it!.”

It’s clear that elements of the track take influence from video game culture, did you set out to create a tune around this or did the filtered break just fit into place with the whole feel of the track?

“The main break is running through a bit reducer and band pass filter taking it down to that 8 bit style sound. I didn’t set out to make any relevance to old video games, the name of the tune came from an error that displays on the embroidery machines we use in my day job.

It’s certainly got that 8 bit feel though, mainly down to the filtering of the breaks and how the tune rolls in and out.”

If you had to select ‘T>I’s Top 3 Video Games’ what would they be and why?

“I have played so many games in my time, mainly when I used to come home from school with plenty of time on my hands. I loved games consoles and old computers, from the lesser known Neo Geo super machine to the legendary ZX Spectrum 48k with those nasty rubber keys!

Kicking off the list would be Art of Fighting on the Neo Geo, groundbreaking at the time to be able to play arcade perfect games at home. The sprite scaling even today looks wicked!

Shinobi on either the Sega Master System or Mega Drive, I can’t really remember which version we had at home but either way – this game was the business.

Jet Set Willy on the ZX Spectrum holds so many memories for me, it was also pushing the limits of home computers at the time. Even though spending hours waiting for the game to load before it finally crashed was frustrating to say the least, it still brings a smile to my face.”

Video’s seem to be making a comeback, especially in Grime and thankfully Drum & Bass. It’s great to see something so simplistic work so well. Tell us the story of how it all came together.

“I wrote a tune with Will Lardner (Ghetto Funk) back in 2008 called ‘Total Integration’ which we sent to Rush Da Twin (AKA Liquid Rush), he’s the guy dancing in the video to ‘Run Stich Error’. A video was produced for this tune but from memory I don’t think it was really used as intended, although the concept is the same.

Talking of the breakdancer, his moves are choreographed to perfection. Any idea how many times he must have played the tune to be able to sequence his moves like that?

“Apparently it only took two takes although he probably listened to the intro a fair few times, especially to be able to pull off some of the moves he did. The way some of the dance moves integrate with the track are so simplistic but work so well, the little touches that might get missed on the first or second play of the video really stand out when you notice them.

The video was shot in an underpass all the way over in Japan, we added the vibration effect to combat lens flair from the many cars that passed during the shoot.”

The Drum & Bass scene has seen some interesting takes on music videos in the past, do you have any favourites?

“I don’t really have time to watch what other producers are doing in the scene but one of my all time favourite videos is The Prodigy’s ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ – classic.”

Record label wise, any future releases planned? Will you be stepping back into the Jungle anytime soon?

“I’ve got an EP coming soon and collaborations in the pipeline with Soulculture and Release. Hopefully my remix of DJ Rap’s ‘Hardstep’ will also be out soon. I met her in Norwich after a DJ set and she loved my tunes and the reaction they were getting on the dancefloor which was massive for me considering I have been a fan for years.”

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