Ed:It – In The Zone & In The Mix

Ed:It – In The Zone & In The Mix


Having released tracks on the likes of Blu Mar Ten Music, Critical Music, Flexout Audio and Med School among others, Nottingham-based producer Ed:It is certainly no stranger to the scene. Building his profile through impressive production and deep, screw-face inducing DJ sets, Ed:It is definitely a name to watch in 2015 and beyond.

With a banging new 3-track EP just released on Addictive Behaviour, we took the opportunity to catch up with the man himself AND scored an exclusive mix!

Ez Ed! How are you keeping yourself warm these days mate? I’m struggling!

Hello there. I know the feeling! Mostly studio warmth to be honest. Though I’ve just got back from a week in the Moroccan sun, which was fully needed.

Rub it in… Straight to business: New EP on Addictive Behaviour just dropped.. Big ups on a wicked release! How did the connection with AB come about?

Thank you! The EP came together initially from an email via the label owners, Clayton & Nicky. They asked if I’d like to remix a track off their ‘High Rollers EP’. I had a good listen through the tunes and Eastcolors – ‘Mad Day’ really stood out as something I could work with. Not long after that, we met up at Detonate Outdoor Festival last year. With Andy C smashing it in the background & fireworks going off we talked about the possibility of doing an EP. Once I got to work on the remix we then decided on the two other unreleased bits, Into the Light & Valhalla.

Valhalla is an absolute beast! The name has links to Norse mythology.. Was that intentional? 

Haha, no, but I wish it was. I have to thank my dad for the name actually. I finished the tune, couldn’t think of a title and so asked the big man if he had any ideas, ha! Consequently he mentioned a book he was reading at the time. I think one of the chapters was called ‘Valhalla’ and after some deliberation it stuck.

Shouts to Dad! Big up 🙂 Love the different layers to the tune! What kind of set up do you have in your studio?

My setup at the moment is quite simply – a PC running Cubase 5, Reason 4 & various third party plug-ins. I’m a big fan of Stylus RMX & Kontakt. I mainly work by digging for sounds, sampling through the sequencer, then additional processing & resampling. For monitoring I use Mackie HR824 mk 1’s & Behringer Truth’s (great for referencing). I do have a TLA valve compressor which I’ll utilise now and again, especially for recording.

Nice one! You linked with J Daure for Into the Light. Big tune! You’ve worked with J Daure previously on Cardinal.. Did it make it easier to approach this track having worked together before? 

Yeah absolutely, like ‘Cardinal’ it began with stems that Jaimie sent over which were really strong. We talked about fundamentally where we wanted the track to go. Once we had an idea I got to work on the main elements, manipulation & new parts. By this time we were happy with the drop & we went on to structure the track into various sections.

Did you guys get into the studio together for this one?

This one we did over the net actually. I do find collaborating over the web is something I’ve gotten use to over the years. I believe with future technologies it’s something that will become more apparent, such as online cross platform DAW’s.

Absolutely. Do you have a favourite tune off the EP?

I’ve had some great feedback with ‘Valhalla’ from a few producers that I really look up to in the scene, so would have to be that one for me. Though close second is the Mad Day remix. Really happy how it came out and was an absolute pleasure doing my thing on it.

Tell us about the mix you’ve prepared, any exclusives? 

It’s a mixture of some old and new tunes I’m feeling at the moment. Been listening to a lot of chilled vibes so there is some variety with some heavier tunes as well. Few dubs in there!

Loving it! Do you consider yourself a DJ first or a producer first?

I’d have to say I’m a producer first. Before I began to listen and mix Drum & Bass I produced Hip-hop & downtempo tunes so I think it was always my fundamental enjoyment. However, once I was hooked on the D&B vibe I instantly found a passion for DJ’ing. I think it’s just one of those things you get into from going to nights out and then mixing with your mates, it’s how it all started for me.


Do you still mix in your own time or focus on production?

Oh for sure! I do spend more time on producing but before gigs I always spend a good week digging through old tunes & practicing mixes. I try to keep as up to date with the scene as I can and regularly check whats forthcoming on labels.

Do you still go to gigs as a raver? If so, what was the last gig you went to?

Of course, I think that’s the whole fun. Without burning a hole in my pocket I tend to stay local for nights out so living in Nottingham I regularly go down to Detonate which is always sick. Last one was Calibre, Skeptical & D-bridge.

No shortage of quality events then! Best event you attended in 2014?

Close one between Headz vs Exit @ Studio Spaces or Detonate Outdoor Festival.

What tune can’t you get out of your head at the moment?

Mark System – Optix.

You and me both!! Artists you’ve got your eye on this year?

I’m eager to hear the new Spectrasoul LP & I think Mikal, Break & Mark System all have albums out this year which I’m really looking forward to. For new artists on the scene I’ve been playing a lot of Incognito, Phase, Chromatic, J Daure & Forren tracks. They are all creating some sick tunes at the moment.

Where can people catch you next?

Next set is @ Square One, Nottingham on the 20th March.

What’s coming up for you in 2015?

Really excited for the year ahead – Lots of music forthcoming, alongside working with new artists and labels.

Can’t wait to hear more fresh material! Final shout outs?

Big thanks to the Addictive Behaviour crew – Clayton, Nicky & Neil who have been one of the best labels I’ve worked with. So full of passion and always on it with every aspect of the label & artist. Big ups guys! Shouts to – Jaimie ‘Frenchy’ Daure, Eastcolors, James Busby, Rebekah, Nick Warrener.

Cheers mate, and huge big ups!

ABREC10 is out now, get it here

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