Ed:it: Behind ‘Far Away’

Ed:it: Behind ‘Far Away’


Ed:it has been involved in the stunning, deeply immersive release from Handra on the remix (or ‘re:mix’, in his case?) front so made sense to explore his involvement in the Forget ep, and to generally get carried away… in a good sense. ‘Far Away’ in fact.

Hey what’s new in your world?

Hi! This year has been amazing so far. Since the Shogun announcement in January I’ve been so busy but loving every moment.

I’ve played my first few sets abroad which has been a cool experience and met some great people. Also been writing and producing a lot of new music!

You have done a lot of work for some amazing labels, so much so that if one was to look back at D&B of this period right now YOURS would be an ideal section of releases due to the vibe and the labels: it’s a great great cross section of D&B so how does that sit with you?

If people looking at my music would think that I’d be over the moon. I’ve been privileged to work with the labels I have and definitely appreciate that opportunity.

It’s weird I really try not to think about it at the time and just write what feels natural to me.

How ARE you feeling about D&B and beats in general right now, what you feeling?

It’s a great time for Drum & Bass. There are so many great tunes floating around and many producers which are really standing out to me.

Personally, playing more shows recently I’ve been keeping in mind music for the dancefloor a bit more. This might have an impact moving forward on how I produce but as long as it has soul that’s what matters the most to me!

Recently in the scene there are a fair few producers and tracks that can sound a bit similar, but there’s still those names that are pushing boundaries and creating really unique beats – it’s inspiring and keeps the scene alive.

In this day and age you really have to try and be yourself as much as you can and pave your own way.


Who in life inspires you in D&B in art, in life, in everyday life?

Everything and everyone. All the different types of music I listen to, the films I watch, the places I see and most importantly the people who are around me. I’ve been going to a few hiphop shows recently which I’ve vibed off for making music.

Tell us about this work you have done with Handra, for ‘Far Away’… I love the fluid vibe on this, it’s just so slick and will just captivate a dance floor, it will sort of engulf it, seduce it… am wary of sounding a little naff there, but there you go.

Big ups, glad you like it man.

I worked with the Addictive Behaviour crew last year on an EP release and remix for Eastcolors. They were such a great bunch of guys to work with, really passionate about kicking off the label and very enthusiastic. This year I was approached by Clayton to do a remix of a track from their back catalogue.

I was really interested in Handra, on ‘Far Away’ as I’d never remixed a half time tune before.

To start it was a challenge, although the vibe of the track had me fixed straight away. As soon as I had the stems I found it easy to work with the individual elements, manipulating and switching up in my style. Initially the whole vibe had a liquidy feel throughout different to the final cut.

After much deliberation I really wanted it to stand out on the floor. A few tweaks down the line it finally took shape into the release.

You must be always busy so what’s on the go right now, what sort of things?

At the moment I’ve just finished up a new EP for Shogun Audio and I’m doing a few collabs which I’m really chuffed about.

Alongside this I’ve been on some new remix work and continuous idea/writing/sample-searching for future releases.

So how do you structure your day?

The day usually starts quite slow ha ha, then I hit the studio or going through new music.

Not one day is the same at the moment.

Any recent stories about life in D&B?

Recently a 5am-6am slot at Fabric was a near miss disaster…. I basically had the rankest man flu I’d ever had and nerves were kicking in before playing.

It was touch and go an hour before, thought I was a goner! Still one of the best sets I’ve ever played. Couldn’t have missed that one!

Shouts to those who have supported the remix and everyone at Addictive Behaviour and Handra.

Handra ‘Forget’ ep

You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.
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