EastColors: Interview and mix

EastColors: Interview and mix

Here we were minding our own business and suddenly there’s a sound nearby, footsteps and knock on the door. EastColors has turned up. And he’s brought a mix.

Hey how are you, long time. What are you doing right now?

Hey there! Long time indeed. I had some kind of vacation after my album Lighthouse been released, but now I’m back in action.

So, speaking of this previous work, would you say you have changed over time as a musician, what sort of things do you do now that you didn’t do before for example?

Well, I think change is a constant process for every musician. Of course it’s also gradual, so I can’t really name any noticeable stuff right now.

Take us into the wonderful ‘Times’ and what inspired it, and the title? Tell us who Nami is, for those new.

Actually the tracks first title was ‘Like Old Times’; the idea was to bring back some original D&B vibes which Nami (below) and I like!


Alexander Nami is a friend of mine also living in Saint Petersburg and of course a really promising new talent.

He pays particular attention to a tunes composition and the emotions it will bring to people’s hearts, rather than perfect production, which is, unfortunately, a trend in modern D&B music.

On the collab front, how are you most comfortable?

Almost all of my collaborations have been via the internet, sending stems to each other. I feel much more comfortable and productive when working alone. But ‘Times’ was made almost all in Nami’s studio!

Tell us how you approached the fab ‘Delusion’ and remix, such a good tune from Detail and Tiiu (below).

As always, I like to dramatically rethink an original idea. ‘Delusion’ has downtempo vibes, so the main aim was to produce a faster rolling feel. And I’m really happy with what I’ve done.

detail and tiiu-001

What tunes have crept into the set of late… what things are turning your head, getting you inspired: stuff you really like playing out?

Well, there has been a huge amount of what I consider timeless tracks from the 2006 – 2013 D&B years period, it would be a big list of names and titles. So let’s just say Break’s old tracks have always been and still are my main inspiration.

And what inspired ‘Bounce’ up with Mailky and how does it go down live?

Vlad Mailky started the tune and I really liked the idea behind it, for me this was a very experimental tune which I wouldn’t do alone.

What’s something you do in the studio that you like, a small tip, a habit, a technique?

The main thing to happen in my studio recently was the purchase of a trackball to replace my regular computer mouse. Pain from tunnel syndrome in my wrist has now completely gone, which is huge improvement for me!

Highly recommend a trackball to anyone spending a lot of time at the computer.

Where’s somewhere in the world you would like to play, that you haven’t played (yet)?

England! I never been there!!! It’s absolutely a country where I would like to play and maybe even live for some time.

What is next for you Andrey, what plans?

My plans are to make quality releases and keep developing myself as an artist. You’ll be hearing more from me really soon.


EastColors exclusive mix

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