Dynamite MC’s New World

Dynamite MC’s New World


Dynamite MC‘s epic World of Dynamite compilation is now out on the digital front and expanded upon, pushing it up to 30 tracks. Hence the fact that it’s known as the ‘Deluxe’ edition… understandably!

Fitting that it’s a kinetic, buzzing hive of activity and guests then as, quite simply, Dynamite has always typified so much that’s organically great about D&B: a world of influences, collabs, electricity and instantly-recognisable style.

HOWEVER. First on the agenda was about that inclusion of a certain remix by Dillinja…

How did the Dillinja remix come about, rejuvinated for the 2015? I can imagine it does almost as much damage as this particular sound did then… it was a great era.

A Dillinja beat is like a Rolex. It never loses its value! This version was his own personal mix he played out. As most people know, they’re called ‘VIP’ mixes.

I’m so happy he gave me the green light to share it: I’ll defy any sound system not to be rumbled by it!

In general what changes in D&B have you seen… I mean good and bad.

Commercial success has been good for the scene in the terms of international exposure, and financially enriching some artist’s lives.

Our music has an underground following, a core scene, a lyrical scene, a deep scene. There’s room for all strains and variations.

The negatives, we’ve lost a few good clubs, I hope this isn’t a trend to follow.

Who are people over time that you consider close allies in the scene?

Roni Size, Danny Bryd, Andy C, DJ Zinc, Tony Colman and pretty much everyone at Hospital Records. I like to think I’m cool with everybody I’ve ever worked with.

And when you spend a long time with a person over the years, on tours, planes, dinners etc.. you get to know them on a deeper level. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Do you have a road story or two, things that happened on the road?

I got abducted by aliens and taken to their spaceship in Holland.


Well, humans dressed as aliens and their spaceship was a small speedboat. It was part of a show, but I imagine it’s the same feeling!

And once I lost my passport in Australia and sweated bullets sitting in the embassy trying to get home.

That was Zinc’s fault!

Also, I’ve no recollection of an entire two hour set in Ibiza!


Felt pretty bad, then realised – it was in Amnesia!

Mission accomplished!

What’s some big music influences in your world?

My early influences were: NinjaMan, Rory from Stonelove, Public Enemy, Donavon Bad Boy Smith’s Kiss Fm tapes and The whole Jungle Fever crew.

Nowadays I still keep my ear to the ground, I like people who aren’t afraid to be different, but carry a vibe that you just can’t buy.

What is some advice to someone just starting out… especially if daunted by the thought of doing all night on the mic? Some MCs just stand there and mumble/ask crowd to Make Some Noise.

Put the music first, drop rhymes and fill the gaps, if you’ve nothing to say… don’t say it. A long silence is better than pointless ramblings.

Don’t drink too much, otherwise, you start thinking you’re better than you actually are! Trust me, I know!

And most of all, have fun, music is to be enjoyed.

Thanks, to wrap up, what tune is in your head right now?

Etherwood ‘Souvenirs’.

World of Dynamite (Deluxe)

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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.

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