Dorian: Under Stress

Dorian: Under Stress


‘I think this one has some chaos in it… ‘

Austrian powerhaus Dorian steps up with his eye-popping, highly-detonating, massively-vibrant debut on Mainframe

For people new to you, where are you based and where do you produce? In fact what is it about your setup that you like the best? I love the sound.

Thank you! I am really thankful about every feedback and comment about my music.

I’m from Vienna and I’ve got a little studio at my flat. It’s enough to make some mixdowns. I’m really happy with it.

I produce with Cubase and I love it. There are soooo many great plugins out now.

Mainframe’s a great label, how did you hook up?

Indeed! I always was a big fan of mainframe. I mean… I started to listen to D&B at the legendary Mainframe parties, and now I am part of it! That’s crazy.

I talked to Disaszt and I sent him some tunes and he really liked it so he picked me up to support my music.

To ‘Fluid Sound’: I imagine this while driving at night.

I wanted to try out a different style because I like all kinds of drum and bass.

I really enjoyed making this tune. You can listen to it at home and in the car but it works on the dancefloor as well.

I love these kind of tunes.

And who inspires you in D&B?

There are so many good artists. New ones like Dossa and Locuzzed, Skore, Shield and TR Tactics to name a few.

And of course the D&B elite like S.P.Y, Break, The Upbeats, Hamilton, Culture Shock, Logistics… many, many more.

I’m also inspired by my friends like Twenty Freeze… one of the greatest DJs; Foxrox and Skore.


What nights do you hit or play at or both? Even non-D&B. Any style.

Of course Mainframe nights! Switch jump up nights, Vollkontakt, Beat It at Flex and Strictly Beats in Graz!

Take us into ‘Stresstest’ and why the title? I find it interesting as it reminds me of engineering and forensics. But that’s another story.

Ha ha great!

I think this one has some chaos in it. So I decided to name it ‘Stresstest’. Sometimes I really enjoy to make some heavier beats and play around with it.

Any shouts Dorian?

Shouts to Disaszt and all the Mainframe crew, Skore, Foxrox, Twenty Freeze, my family and of course all the D&B lovers out there who make this whole thing possible! Peace.
Dorian images by Samuel Colombo, Optical Engineers


You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.