Dominic Ridgway: Exodus

Dominic Ridgway: Exodus


Dominic Ridgway took us into the Exodus ep – and throws some gentle perspective on one meaning for the title – new on the FLD, as well as new moves: his label being one.

Hey Dominic, take us into what’s changed in your world: what changes have you felt inside, as a producer?

I would say the main change for me in the last couple of years is the creation of my own label, Regression Media.

The original idea was to only release some of my more experimental tracks, but has developed into releasing other artists’ music.

I feel I’ve also gained a lot more confidence in terms of my own music through this, as my process of making music now is not to get tracks signed to labels but to see how far I can push myself and my own sound.

This has recently developed in to the Aquatone project which is three separate eps all relating together to create an album of my more experimental tracks.

Part two is set for release at the end of the year or early 2017.

The most recent releases was from Slaine and Neuroleptick.

‘Memory Lapse’ sounds great on Exodus: what inspired… title as well?

‘Memory lapse’ is a track I wrote in late 2014 I think. It’s at 160 bpm so its a bit slower than the stuff I normally do. To me it has a slight old school jungle vibe to it, but with more analog sounding drums.

I was trying to create a nice balance of sampled breaks and harder analog sounds. I’m not entirely sure where the inspiration came from on this one to be honest. The name came from the slight nostalgia of the track.

What external forces – art, other producers, sounds – are influencing you?

I tend to find inspiration in all sorts of ways.

My favourite tracks that I’ve written are always influenced by people or maybe and event in my life or something tragic going on in the world.

Musically I’m influenced by all sorts as well, mainly electronic but not limited to.

There’s a vast amount of good music around at the moment so it’s hard to list all of it. A few tracks I’m feeling at the moment are…
Digid ‘Cold Fever’ / Diffrent Music
Crypticz ‘Echo Sound’ / 31 Recordings
Arks ‘Digital’ / Clear Conceptions

Take us into ‘Exodus’?

‘Exodus’ started out as more of an experiment, it is in triplets so its in a strange time signature, again its a track written in 2014. I think it started life a stye main melody and the whole thing built from there.

I had no intention of calling it ‘Exodus’, but seems very fitting considering the immigration crisis across the world at the moment.

It’s a track I’m very happy with and have had some great responses to so far.

Massive thank you to Quentin Hiatus for picking it up and putting it on my EP for Free Love Digi.

Can we catch you on the live front?

I just played at the 170 night along with great artists such as DAAT, Ruffhouse and Books, which went really well and hopefully becomes a regular thing exploring the deeper side of 170 music.

I am also playing in Berlin this December so keep an eye out for info about that.

What tune is in your head right now.

Dems ‘Never Have Never Will’


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