Dominator delivers D-Stortion

Dominator delivers D-Stortion


Dominator has been hard at work setting up his new label, fittingly called D-Stortion. Well it’s a rowdy, unsettling and full-throttle affair after all and he’s pushing the levels into the red. So it makes total sense.

Hi, what’s new this year on the personal/DJ front?

This year has been my busiest so far in my own DJing career. I’ve played main room on most events in UK and Europe such as Innovation, Warning, Onedance, Onenation, Breakin Science, Invaderz, Hospitality, Rampage and Westfest coming in October… so happy to be playing every weekend show-casing my own music and traveling the world at the same time.

News for me is the launch of my very own record label called D-Stortion Records and I’m very proud to be releasing my own music to the world and also hoping to help the next genaration of producers.

The video advert received a really good reaction. I included small taster clips of music from the EP throughout the short video, which had the desired impact.

I’ve also got some other exciting news as I’ve teamed up with Nu Elements, T>I, Grima, Azza, Manek and Rizla.

We have formed a stage showcase called TNA… The New Age. It brings new angles of sounds to drum and bass all teaming up on set with the freshest, newest MCs. Their talents all combined on stage is something special. We now have a great management team behind us too.

I’m working with Azza and Grima along with Harry Shotta on a new tune, and we’re working on a brand new mix cd with some exclusives on there.

What changes in D&B are you seeing?

I’m seeing alot of love for jump up at clubs and festivals with every jump up event I’ve played in uk and europe has been ramo!

Drum and Bass in general is in a very strong position right now and I’m very proud to be involved in some of the movements. Even the under 18 events have been totally packed out.

Also drum and bass producers – such as myself – are trying to work with the mcs more, bringing the vocals into the tracks and working on full vocal tracks too. I did a track called ‘Fire Workz’ with MC Harry Shotta and MC Eksman and there’s a video on youtube…

So take us behind the new label D-Stortion?

Well I’ve always thought I’d love to have my own record label – it’s literally a dream come true that it’s happened.

It was actually Logan D who pushed me to do it as we were chatting on train back from an event in Belguim, but it was just so hard to come up with a name I really liked. Then after a conversation with Fatman D he said ‘Dom you need to go back to your roots for what people know you for’.

Then it clicked.

I used to run a night called DISTORTION in Lowestoft with five of my mates when I was 18, it was a real success. I have some great memories of these nights and people used to know me from those events, so I thought I’d bring the name back but with a 2016 twist.


It’s got a fresh logo and the merchandise is selling really well. The first ever release is out now.

For the first release I had to go in, so I wanted to bring a collaboration EP with some of the really talented producers I rate highly, along with my good friends Heist, Turno, Upgrade and Invictus.

The Trouble ep was then created and the end projects seemed to have worked out nicely as the feedback from the DJs has been so good.

Working with all of them got me gassed so I want to thank them all for wanting to be a part of the label.

How did it come to pass that the combo of artists are here on the Trouble ep. Do they share your mindset? Heist for eg.

I’ve known Heist for many years. He’s always supported me and given me advice and his opinion on my music. I respect him a lot. He is a very talented guy and I was buzzing when we started our first collab.

The first idea just seemed to flow nicely. We got a vibe with the track staight away, the title track. I liked the name so much i called the ep after it….

It suited the first release as I wanted to come in with a bang.

And who else is here, what tunes are they part of on the ep?

Turno on ‘Time To Play’ has to be one of my favoute producers.

I’ve worked with him for a while now and we have made many tunes. We both get excited when we link up in studio as it is always about bringing the two sounds we have together.

Upgrade – on ‘Couldn’t Care Less’ – is a local producer who I rate highly. He can make all types of music and is very talented. I’m looking foward to working with him on future projects.

Invictus is an Australian producer who I met touring Australia. I am looking forward to hearing more from him as he has lots of potential.

Any shouts?

I would like to say a massive thank you for the amazing love and support to my Mum, Dad, Sisters and my beautiful Sarah and our two boys. The loyalty from my supporters is what keeps me focused on achieving the most out of Dominator.

Shouts to Cygnus Music for helping me launch my new label: they’ve been so supportive and professional.

Big Up to Heist, Turno Upgrade, Invictus, Logan D, Fatman D, Nuelemntz, T>I, Azza, Grima, Manek, Rizla, Flat t, Teleko, Phantasy, Harry Shotta, Eksman and Skibba the whole squad at Lowdowndeep and Biobeats, Jack my agent and Suzie Mason on her design work. Sickone and Scotty my mates on road when we’re traveling everywhere… and everyone else I know who supports me.
Trouble ep

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