DJ Trend: Special Dedication

DJ Trend: Special Dedication
17 Sep, 2012

Today marks the anniversary of the death of one of the scene’s most enduring, influential artists. Jamie S23 pays tribute to a legend who left us before his time with a respectful post and a superb mix to remind us just how important DJ Trend was to the scene… 

 DJ Trend: 2 Degrees – 2 Years Later

They say time flies and in this situation it certainly does… Considering one of the greatest jump up producers, DJ Trend, passed away on September 17 2010* on his 32nd birthday. 

Well known for his output in the late 90s on Kartoons and his label LiveRecordings, Trend had his own unique style of simplic beats for the dancefloor. 2 Degrees, Tune Your Bass, Another Classic and Anthem were all huge tunes supported by every DJ on the circuit near the end of the millenium. 

My fondest memory of Trend’s production has to be hearing DJ Hype play 2 Degrees at Helter Skelter Human Nature. It was absolutely ridiculous: everyone in The Sanctuary went totally mental. To this day I have yet to see a tune cause such mayhem. A close second to this would be Kenny Ken playing Tune Your Bass alongside Stevie Hyper D at Helter Skelter Energy ‘97 – a legendary set.

Trend’s album NewBeginnings is certainly worth checking out, maybe the title was suggestive to the content as his style seemed deeper and more melodic. Check Dis Out is a personal favourite. 

Although using DJ in one of his producer guises, his actual DJ work doesn’t seem to be that well publicised, especially online. I suspect that he played at many pirate stations during his time, sadly I don’t have any of these in my collection. I do however, have these amazing sets featuring Skiba at his finest broadcasted on Kool FM. The sets feature a whole host of classics from the ‘97 era such as It’s Jazzy, Warhead, Funksta and loads of not so obvious classics. 


Dizzie Rascal paid tribute to Trend by wearing a RIP DJ Trend T-Shirt during his appearance on Sky TV’s Must Be The Music. He also spoke about his grief and the music influence taken from Trend commenting “I have got to say: Rest in peace, DJ Trend. Never forgotten, drum and bass specialist legend.” 

No doubt Dizze Rascal grew up with Trend’s drum and bass production. And although Trend’s influences may have been forgotten over the years with his crossover to the mainstream, it was certainly evident in his earlier days of grime.

It’s fitting, then, that Trend’s label LeftRecords moved with the times. In 2002 it provided a whole host of releases for the then-fresh UKG movement. The likes of Wiley, Roll Deep, J2K and Sweetie Ire featured on the label before it finalised its output in 2006. 

2 Degrees was also officially remixed by Geeneus in 2002 providing the two-step scene with a fresh take on the anthem. It is also well documented that Trend also made movements in the commercial scene, lending his hand to the production for Sugababes, The Streets and Daniel Bedingfield. 

You can still hear the likes of Eksman, Fearless and Bassman pay respect to the late, great Stevie Hyper D – perhaps the younger generation of ravers have no knowledge of other important players in the scene who have passed away. The likes of MCRuff, GEReal, DJKemistry, and MurrayBeetson all deserve a mention. No doubt others who I am unaware of has also sadly passed away.

RIP to all fallen soldiers.

*Spanish police confirmed that Gifford Noel (DJ Trend) died of natural causes

I was fortunate enough to speak to some people involved in the scene today, here’s some quotes from them regarding DJ Trend and his music…

Uncle Dugs

“First and foremost, Trend was a friend of mine who from the day I met him till the last time I saw him, he always had time for a chat. Even if it was in a noisy club and he was running late. He was one of the nicest guys you could meet and I feel privileged to have known him for the time that I did. I met him around the time of the TNT – 2 degrees era through pirate radio and even though he made a few big tunes through the years in both jungle / dnb and garage no other tune to me ever eclipsed that monster of a riddim. It’s one of those tunes like a lot of anthems that doesn’t seem to have much in it, but at the same time has everything you need in a tune. I have played 2 degrees in my sets constantly over the years and still to this day it usually gets top three reactions of any tune I may draw over the hour I play. The intro just hits you straight away…. As soon as you hear it coming in you can’t help but get excited as you know what’s coming. Then comes the horn. Then the drop. Then pow: game over! Wheeeeeeeeeeeel up! RIP Trend, gone but never ever forgotten…”

Mike Merge

“I’m sad never to have got to personally salute this jump-up ambassador. The true renegades never get the props they deserve. RIP Trend.”

Ross ‘Cynthetic’

“He wasn’t called Trend for nothing. Dancefloor pioneer”

Kieran Bhugobaun

“DJ Trend – I hope you smile every time one of your tunes drops in a dance, the place will always pop off. R.I.P”


“We must continue to carry on the legacy of jungle / drum & bass for DJ Trend and all of our fallen soldiers”


01) TNT – Another Classic – Live Recordings – 1998
02) Trend – 2 Degrees 2 – Live Recordings – 1998
03) Trend – Anthem – Miditraks – 1997
04) Trend – Tune Your Bass (Mix 1) – Live Recordings – 1998
05) Trend – Suspense – Live Recordings – 1997
06) Trend – Flight 747 – Live Recordings – 1998
07) Trend – Set it Off – Live Recordings – 1999
08) Trend – This World – Live Recordings – 1998
09) TNT – Check Dis Out – Live Recordings – 1998
10) TNT – Check Dis Out (New Edit) Live Recordings – 1999
11) Trend – Frequency – Live Recordings – 1999
12) Trend – Ooh Bass – Miditraks – 1997
13) Trend – 2 Degrees 2 – Live Recordings – 1998
14) TNT – Let’s Dance – Live Recordings – 1998
15) Trend – New Jam – Live Recordings – 1998
16) TNT – Continue – Live Recordings – 1999
17) Trend – ! – Kartoons – 1997

I finished recording this mix with a smile on my face


Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.
  • Al

    As someone who knew the man more than the musician it means a lot to see his memory honoured in this way. Yes he always had time, no matter who you were or what was pressing him at the time.
    Good job. I challenge anyone to find a bad word to say about this guy. A true legend never to be forgotten. Rest in peace, Gifford.

  • Gifford Noel. Not only one of the best DJs of all time but Gifford was a real good man. He didn’t just make music but he took the time and trouble to find out who you really was. He loved being amongst people and after his death I went to Tenerife to meet his friends. There was many. Everyone at the club came out to spend the afternoon with us despite them having to work that night, and there was nothing but good words and tears. I was shocked to see that every street vendors knew him, Gifford had a relationship with them all, they knew him by name and they remembered the conversations he had with them. Gifford took the time to listen to their plight. Even the bank personnel knew him well and and was shocked to hear of his death. They told us how Gifford used to stop and have constant chats with them about life, music and the world in general. They had nothing but praise for him. He had numerous friends around tenerife which was overwhelming.

    We love Gifford and miss him greatly, there is no replacement. There will always be a gap missing in our lives because of him. Gifford was the DJ at our own family parties which were many. I wish he were still here with us. I’m a rare groove nut, and that music will never be the same without him. I was also into the underground acid raves so it was a welcome sight when my own nephew Gifford got into the music scene and gave it a new meaning. Giff, we miss you, and we’ll always love you.

  • Gif’s Sister

    Thank you very much for this Jamie S23…. As a family, we are honored that his Friends, peers, followers of his music loved and respected him as we do. Gifford was a very consistent person. He was genuine, honest and very passionate about music…..it wasn’t a hobby, it wasn’t about money, it wasn’t about fame and fortune it was all about the MUSIC! His legacy will continue… maybe not as loud as some others but it continues deeper cause not only did his music tear up dance floors but his character touched peoples lives….and for this I am so PROUD and HONORED to call this man my BROTHER. RIP. See you on the other side Gif x

    • I am so touched that you and other members of the family read and took the time to reply to my feature on DJ Trend. I really appreciate all your comments, thank you.