DJ SS: Driving Soul

DJ SS: Driving Soul


‘I’m on a deep biblical journey right now… ‘

The one, the only, the force of nature that is DJ SS took time out to tell us about the inspiration driving the new DJ SS & Influx UK present: Deepsound Vol 2 collection. Plus the view – and collective – behind it… and also about the enigma which will by default stump any true D&B head: what happened to Influx UK?

Hi SS how is life?

My life is really blessed, I’ve been very lucky been here since day one… 25 years later we are, the only label that’s released music every year in those 25 so it’s kind of history making really.

Now I look at life very differently, there are much more important things going on, I’m on a deep biblical journey right now. I even set up new label called Bass Disciples devoted to Gospel & Bass because us all being here is a blessing.

Tell us about the uniting theme of this album? Why did it come together and what does it showcase that is new?

We did this album really to get back to basics and starting putting some soul back into D&B: it’s a project for the long-term listen, not the radio flash-in-the-pans.

Now I note that Influx is here in spirit and like any true D&B fan I was aware of the impact of this great artist so tell us about the version his tune we hear here?

Influx made this version about 7 years ago, we just revamped it.

Where is Influx now?

Gavin now lives in America, he has three kids and a lovely wife so he moved on but he still loves what we did and I don’t think he ever got the credit he deserved because he was on another level.

Tell us about your own contributions here?

I’ve worked on 18 tracks on the album just to bring the production up a little. My focus has been always to help artists, give them platform.

I think I probably have three albums’ worth of music but I think the time is right because I don’t make pop music, I’ve always made the rolling vibe and it’s time to bring it back.

I know Bladerunner and of course NC-17 so who are one or two other names we may find here?

Everybody on the album contributed so well to the cause, this project is all about a vibe and not dancefloor killers really. I’m really proud of how it turned out, the album has gone straight to number one so I’m glad people are feeling some real drum & bass.

Kyrist is here, tell us how she became involved?

She worked with one of my artists Critical Impact and this tune has been sitting about for a year or so, we linked it up and got it out there. Big up to them both!

In general how does D&B differ from the past?

D&B these is good but lost its soul: way too much poppy music cheese and there’s a lot of throw away music.

Also a lot of amazing next level production but with no soul or vibe, it’s like Let’s see how much we can twist this noise bassline up instead of bringing a vibe, a groove.

There is some next level music out there for sure with great production but there are no classics.

Been mad I think in the last 10 years, there’s probably only six tunes that I’d call ‘classic’, not like a time when classics were getting made on the monthly.


What are some challenges facing D&B? For me it’s that too much is free, too much is pirated, what do you think?

Yeah totally, but we can’t stop progress… this is how the world is moving now and we’ve all been blessed to do the job we love. We just have to work 10 times harder at it now and the people that really are in this for the music & not the money are the ones who are prepared to work hard will always be cool with it.

How can people get this album?

The album is exclusive to Juno for two weeks then it is everywhere on the 15th January.

Any shouts SS?

Big shout to everyone who made this possible, all the artists, Tasha for the design, all the DJs who supported it, Veronica for the networking, Adam at Backdrop, Gavin Influx UK for keeping it real, all of the Formation records family especially Martin High Roll for soundcloud promotion and a big big thanks to GOD without him this wouldn’t have been possible.

Stay blessed.

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