DJ Randall: Warehouse Memories… PLUS win tickets to the Drum&BassArena Xmas warehouse rave-up with GetDarker!

DJ Randall: Warehouse Memories… PLUS win tickets to the Drum&BassArena Xmas warehouse rave-up with GetDarker!

Ask any big D&B DJs to list their biggest influences and I bet you a fiver DJ Randall will be on that list. If not top of the list.

Seriously, try it. Especially any DJs who were baptised by the rave scene in the early 90s. It’s almost a dead cert, and not hard to understand why, too…. King of the deep, rolling blends, Randall infamously held mixes down for minutes on end. Alongside Grooverider, Fabio and SS, he was one of the key instigators in the jungle movement, mixing hardcore with breakbeats paving the way for the DJs of today.

With this in mind it’s not to understand why we’ve booked him for our massive Christmas party next Friday (Dec 7). Held at a secret London warehouse in conjunction with GetDarker, it’s an all-flavour bass blow-out featuring the likes of Roni Size, Calibre, Phace, dBridge, Artificial Intelligence, Artwork, Todd Edwards, EZ, Youngsta, Loefah, Oneman and more.

We’ve got two spare tickets if you fancy it? Read on and find out how to grab ‘em. But first, a few words with the man like Randall…

What are you up to right now?

“We’re trying to put together an album at the moment. It’s looking like a February release for now. We’ve also got our Stepback Sessions project going on, revisiting essential tracks of the day! We launched it in 2009 but re-releasing them all again because a lot of people missed out. So that rolls out on December 17 and there’ll be a brand new volume coming very soon. And yeah, hopefully the album will be out February, March.”

Is it a DJ mix, an artist album or a compilation?

“Various artists mate! I’m on it, so is C.A.B.L.E and Coolhand Flex. I’m keeping it close to my chest now… I’ve got to get all things in before I start shouting loudly.”

I hear you. Let’s chat about your DJing… I’ve lost count how many big DJs have told me in interviews that you’re their first influence. Andy C, Mampi Swift, Friction…

“It’s a shame I don’t get royalties on that, haha! It’s always nice to get that type of big up. I never expect it. I’m just like all the other DJs who really care about what they’re doing, made their way up from the bedroom and played from the heart! It’s very flattering to know I’ve had any impact at all.”

Have they influenced you?

“Yeah, obviously! Everyone’s got their own twist on what they do. You can’t help but be influenced by other DJs when you’re playing out. Music, too – every time I hear a good tune I’m instantly thinking of what it will mix with and how you can create impact. Influences and inspirations come from all angles. You can’t have everything in your box, no matter how hard you try. Going out, hearing people play stuff you’ve never heard before is always an inspiration. The world would be boring place if we all had the same tunes…”

Do you worry that digital formats have changed that? You can have almost everything in your (virtual)box now…

“The game’s just changed but it’s not a worry. Back in the day we had the dubs but now the speed of everything means you can make a tune in the afternoon and play it that night. No one else will have that tune, no matter how hard they try. It’s just different, no better, no worse, you just got to go with the flow. And things will change again, just you watch. You can’t live in the past.”

No. But let’s go back to the past for a minute… Tell me your best warehouse memories!

“The first ever warehouse I played. It was about 88, in Stratford on Wallis Road. I went one night and heard Grooverider and Rat Pack play, then went along and played myself the following week. Then my first proper big rave I played at was a Centreforce party in Brans Hatch!”


“Yeah man, it was mental. God knows how many people were there. It was amazing. I was only about 19. I remember driving there with some mates, falling asleep for a while then being woken up to a field full of people. The music was blaring. So many vibes. We were there for two days! Then the first ever big, big, big rave I did was Living Dream at Lee Valley cycle track. They teamed up with Kiss FM and had Colin Dale, Colin Faber, Grooverider, Carl Cox and me. It was massive. Colin Dale never turned up so I did two hours… I was dropping all these b-sides to 10,000 people. They lapped it up. I’ll never forget it.”

Incredible. Give us key ingredients for the perfect warehouse rave…

“Well, a good crowd helps, haha! You need a big system and, most importantly, vibe! You can’t have a warehouse party without those three. Simple!”

Nice. Looking forward to our party on December 7?

“Of course! The hardest thing is the first tune… Once I’ve picked that, everything reels off. Ask any DJ that and they’ll tell you the same. Pick the first tune, sign the crowd up and away you go!”


Fancy checking joining Randall on December 7? He’ll be playing alongside Roni Size, Calibre, Phace, dBridge, Artificial Intelligence, Artwork, Todd Edwards, EZ, Youngsta, Loefah, Oneman and more at our special Christmas party with GetDarker.

To be in with a chance of winning two tickets, all you need to do is tell us which record label Randall runs…

Waterproof Mac

Mac II

Big Mac

Easy! Get your answer over to comps@breakbeat.co.uk by Tuesday December 6 for a chance to win.


Drum&BassArena Editor: Dave Jenkins has documented beats for over 15 years working with the likes of UKF, Mixmag, DJ Mag, iDJ, Bandcamp, Resident Advisor, Radio 1 Xtra and many more.