DJ Hybrid: Five Years Deep

DJ Hybrid: Five Years Deep

DJ Hybrid is due to release the much-anticipated compilation celebrating five years of MAYHEM on his label, Audio Addict and some random label selections follow. But first, the news…

Hybrid how is it? I hear you have a recent revelation…

Hi, it’s going really well! I’ve just got back from the We Love Jungle Awards in London where I won two awards for Best Breakthrough Producer and Best Breakthrough DJ and I’ve nearly finished working on my début solo album so exciting times at the moment!

It’s been five years that you’ve been running your label Audio Addict Records?

It’s mad to think its been five years already!

What changes do you see in the scene?

I’d say currently in the scene there seems to be more opportunity for smaller labels to come through and do well in the charts. Also bigger artists seem to be more happy to work with smaller labels instead of being exclusive to bigger labels.

So to your 5 Years Of Audio Addict Records compilation… some great work here including your own.

I decided to start putting the album together earlier this year when I realised it had been nearly five years.

It features a selection of favourites we have released over the last five years with a couple of VIPs and remixes thrown in there too.

On the album you have some names like Callide and Rollz, tell us more… Rollz is a mystery man after smashing the scene via Grooverider some years back now, so it’s an interesting lineup.

Yeah, so we have most of the artists that have featured on the label over the years, Rollz was featured on the third release remixing my track ‘Sugar Rush’ we also have more regulars to the label like Section, Agro, Barbican and Kumarachi who are all coming through with some interesting tunes.

There’s a couple of tunes from producers not as familiar to the label like Soul Defiance, Livewire and Junior Red. Finally there’s Callide and Soulculture with some remixes.

Artwork’s nice too.

I was really happy with the artwork when we got it back, I just wanted something that looked eye-catching and stuck with the colour scheme of the label and also made it clear it was the fifth year anniversary.

‘Audio Addict’ as a phrase implies someone who lives and breathes it. So when do you switch off, if at all? It must always be coming at you… maybe you have a system?

I’m not sure if I have a system but I’m always doing something any time of day whether its promoting a release or mixing down my latest tune. I suppose I don’t switch off really until I get into bed, I’ve always found it hard to do nothing though really and always wanted to be creative in anyway I can.

For people new to the label what’s things in the back catalogue you’d advise checking? Hungry T and Schematic is an example! Plus that wicked Section ep

Hungry T & Schematic ‘Sound of Night’ has to be one of my favourite tunes we have released so far! ‘Stop, Drop & Roll’ by Section & Livewire ft. Junior Red is another favourite.

I would suggest people new to the label check out ‘Jungle War’ by Section as well as the remix by Soulculture. ADDICT004R is the Rebound EP by me remixed by different producers such as DJ Vapour, Soulculture, T.H.D & DJ L.A.B… it’s a really good selection of vibes.

Our Audio Addiction EP series always has a nice selection of tunes too.
(Jaybee ‘The Request’ from the first edition, below, also on the 5 Years Of Audio Addict Records)

OK serious point: how do you safeguard against piracy? Got to be a way: D&B is a small world so people that allow it to happen are in a way guilty too.

Our distributor Cygnus Music run a really good anti-piracy service which finds any websites featuring your release and issues them a take down notice.

Other than that I try to be vigilant myself and double check by searching for our latest releases online.

And what’s on the horizon? What Audio Addict activity can we look forward to?

OK so the big thing on the horizon would be my debut solo album which I’ve been working on at various points over the year. It’s going to feature lots of different styles and looking forward to seeing what people think of it as I’ve really tried to make it a proper album not just a collection of singles, if all goes to plan it should be released in November.

Thanks Hybrid, what shouts?

I’d just like to say thanks to everyone at Cygnus Music especially Callide for everything they have done, also thanks to Vapour, Ray Keith, Serial Killaz, Jungle Alliance, We Love Jungle, Digital Roots, DJ Monk, Billy Daniel Bunter, all the artists on my labels and everyone showing their support for what I’m doing, thanks!

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