DJ Chap: Terror Tales

DJ Chap: Terror Tales
12 Aug, 2015

Chap. Chronic. Terrorist.


Hi how are you sir, how’s life? What are you doing?

Hello Damian! I’m fine, thank you! I am currently preparing for my visit to SunAndBass and England respectively. I’m very excited!

The Terrorist ep is a VERY strong ep. You must be super proud of it?

Thank you, I’m very pleased with the comments I’ve received, and I always wanted to release an ep on Chronic.

On the whole, I wanted to pass a strong message, without ignoring some ‘deeper’ aspects and I’m really happy with the result.

Did the material arise from many live gigs? It’s music that sounds like it should be heard LIVE through a big PA!

Ha ha #bass

1-Chap in the mix

I’m trying to give originality to my sounds, so I’m working hard to get good mixdowns, I talk to many producers and we exchange many tips.

Like who?

I had a little chat with SPY in Tomorrowland, Brazil. A 20 minute conversation about mixing and mastering with him was great to open the mind.

I usually visit the workspace of my friends here. I was recently in Drumagick’s studio, and there was also DJ Julio Torres, they are pioneers in the electronic music scene in Brazil. So, I try to absorb as much of these experiences.

On to this amazing ep. ‘Stressed’ has a wonderful vibe and I feel like the synths and overall tone forced the tune into what it is.

At first, I made this music with another harmony, and was ‘deeper’ and ‘calm’. I sent Janaina Lima AKA Janz to write the lyrics.

We did a few sessions in the studio, and when I picked up the final acapella thought the melody was not adequate, needs more weight. So I changed everything! I just kept the beats and developed the ‘dark side’ on the lyrics.

What inspired ‘Homeless Roots Sounds’? WICKED tune! Beautiful synths.

I really like these harmonies in the ‘vintage’ style, as said in a previous interview, I love these kind of synthesizers.

And one of the purposes of this sound is ‘to keep my roots in my sounds’.

‘Over’ has the special vibe only you can do… it’s sorta ‘sad’ but also will light up a floor! What inspired it?

Everyday life inspires me, and this song was no different.

I was thinking about things that suck our energy and about things that you need let go.

And I sent this song to Janaina and I liked the way that she incorporated the melody.

And the ‘Terrorist’ tune itself! It gives me great images to think about. Incredible soul on this tune.

Just as you said, the theme covers large images to think about, was how I felt when I wrote this tune. A mix of fear, hate, and the philosophy behind this issue.

Please, do not consider this sound like some sort of tribute or the like, because any act against humanity is an abomination.

‘Emperor’ is blazing and wondered what influenced it?

As well as the ‘Terrorist’ track, the ‘Emperor’ track can give you some interesting images to think about.

It has aspects of ‘highness’ and a little ‘tyranny’,

Now you are also on the Summer Vibes album for Liquid V! So much great Brazilian artists there too… an unbelievable lineup. Can you tell us about this great album and your part in it?

It is always a pleasure to work with Bryan in their compilations, and this album, in my opinion, is amazing.

I participate with two tracks: ‘It’s a New World’, a collaboration with my friend DJ Andrezz, with the L-Side & MC Fava and ‘Old Times’ was exclusively produced for the album.

I feel proud to see the work of Brazilians being recognized in this way, for me is very gratifying to see our songs out alongside producers like Random Movement, Bailey, Calibre, Kabuki…


So what’s next for you man? I could talk about the Terrorist ep all day! It’s one of my faves this year for sure! Are you playing shows to get it out there?

Now I’m currently working hard to promote my new project with Level 2, the Alibi. We have just signed an exclusive contract with V Recordings, and we have a mission ahead. We want to renew our sounds, and for us, this is a big step in our careers.


I am also very anxious to visit Europe, especially England. I will give more information about this on my fb. I hope promote the EP and the new songs of Brazilian producers.

Thanks for the chat sir!

It’s always a pleasure to talk with D&B Arena!

I would like to thank everyone who supported me and who support the work of my friends from Brazil.
My special thanks to Bryan Gee and JJ Frost and to my friends Andrezz, L-Side, Level 2, Critycal Dub, DJ Marky, DJ Patife, Unreal, Ms2, DJ Dogface and all Brazilian crew.
(check the pics of some of the crew below)
Terrorist ep

1-Andrezz, unreal, spy, chap, LSide
Andrezz, Unreal, SPY, Chap, L-Side

1-Ms2, Chap, Lowqui, Level 2, Unreal
DJ MS2, Chap, Lowqui, Level 2, Unreal

1-Marky, Andrezz, L-Side, Chap
Marky, Andrezz, L-Side, Chap

You can follow Damian B on Twitter, @DAMIAN___B
D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.


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