DJ Chap: Back for More

DJ Chap: Back for More
3 Apr, 2015

Andrezz & Chap

Brazil’s one and only DJ Chap took some time out to talk us right through the forthcoming release on Liquid V, the totally wicked Back ep with Andrezz. Not to mention discussing the new ‘Alibi’ project, magic studio vibes and injecting some killer insights and tune selections along the way.

Hi Chap, I love these tracks, how did it come about that you guys would work together?

Hello Damian! Always a pleasure to talk to you!

Yes we live in the same city, 10 mins distance-wise and we are long time friends. We’re at home working together in São Paulo. We prefer in my home studio, or in the Andrezz home studio. We never wrote a tune via internet.

What things can we hear in this ep that you BOTH brought in?

Despite producing some different things, we have many tastes in common. And that led us to try rescue a vintage way to make music.

What do you mean?

Melodic harmonies, with a hint of Amen! I like the heavier and ‘cadenced’ part, and Andrezz is a specialist in the ‘deep liquid funk’ part. This creates an interesting contrast in music, and that’s what we love about working together.

To be honest, it’s hard to explain. We simply have great affinity together, we just sit and do what we like … and things flow.

Could you take us through the tune ‘Back’?

‘Back’ is a special song, when we wrote this track, we had the feeling of ‘back in time’, and at the same time we needed to ‘get back to work’… in a beautiful way.

When the samples were sequenced we were sure that this would be the right name for this track.

And the tune with Fava, it sounds great… was this a good session?

Yeah, Fava is a great singer and have a great voice. We wrote ‘It’s a New World’ inspired in artists like Total Science and Calibre.

After his participation in the song ‘So High’ by L-Side on V Recordings, we had the idea of another colab with him, so we sent the song for him to write. His voice became a amazing complement to the music and we are very happy about the support by DJs like Bailey and Random Movement.

What inspired ‘Spectrum’? I love this.

The track ‘Spectrum’ can be considered the most “spiritual” of the story told by the Back ep. We wanted to instill an apprehensive atmosphere in this music.

We’re very attached to these things.

Tell us about the current scene in Brazil, what sounds and styles are big there? Are the crowds still as crazy as ever?

I could discuss several factors because the Brazilian music market is totally crazy, and sometimes decadent.

I can say that we’re stable. We don’t have as many parties as before, but at the parties we have are always full of energy and people are always dancing!

Nights like ‘Marky In Session’ and ‘Forbass’ from my friends Thiago UN, Tikko & Critycal Dub are always rolling.

I’m also producing a party with Andrezz & L-Side called ‘Blackminds’: we play drum & bass, hiphop and influences.

It’s a nice method to help the reintroduction of D&B in the ears of the new generation.

Andrezz & Chap b2b

Where did your musical influences come from?

Well, my father always influenced me, to listen to different things. He had a record store specializing in Reggae music.

So I can say that the main styles that most influenced me musically are the Rock and Reggae music, then MPB (Música Popular Brasileira), Blues, Funk & Soul.

Speaking from inside the drum & bass and specifically production, the trio Calibre, Intalex & dBridge as my biggest influences.

In the category “DJ” no doubt the trio Brazilian DJ Marky, DJ Patife & DJ Andy.

So if we were to ask for five influences of in general?

Queen ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’
Ramones ‘Rock In Roll Radio’
Calibre Second Sun
DJ Marky & XRS ‘LK’ feat. Stamina MC
Toots & the Maytals ’54-46 Was My Number’

What tune in your set is dropping big, live? What one really sets the floor on fire?

At moment, I’m playing a lot ‘Tek Nuh Chat’ feat. Redders by Sam Binga, ‘Pull Up’ by NC-17 &The Voss and ‘Hands on The Air’ feat. Ragga Twins by L-Side & Young G.

They are amazing tunes to fuel the dancefloor! Also, I’m playing a lot tunes from Ivy Lab, Sam Binga, Enei and LSB.

Wrapping up, what’s next for you?

Some new tunes are coming by Liquid V, Chronic & V Recordings and an EP for Prestige Music along with Andrezz.

I have a new project with my friend Level 2 called Alibi. We’re getting support from guys like Hyroglifics, Ivy Lab, DJ Marky, Bailey and Bryan Gee. We’re very happy with the progress of this new project.

We’re working hard on the songs, and soon we’ll give news about the fate of the tunes.

Any shouts?

I would like to thank Damian for another interview, will always be a pleasure to cooperate with the DNBArena. I also want to thank you all for supporting Brazilian D&B, we’re really very happy when we have our work recognized within and outside our country. We’re working very hard to make it happen!

Back ep
Alibi fb

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D&B for some time now; studied at institution of Fabio & Grooverider.