Dexta: In the Grime

Dexta: In the Grime


Dexta has done something a little, well, different, taking inspiration from old grime, and what with his talk of tunes possessing ‘minerals’..’Mukky Riddim/Tempest Dub’ via none60. Do not sleep on his Mukky Selections.

Check it out…

Firstly, how was xmas?

Christmas, same old really: loads of over indulgence, and social outings, and shortage of money in the old sky rocket.

Diffrent x Flexout at Plan B was a somewhat christmas party which was full of energy, and had a really good turn out which was great fun to play out to, and all the DJs came with their A-game as well, so was an all round great ending to the year for me! Other than that I’ve been busy having a life over the past few weeks, and trying to get my head back into gear!

When did the release come together for none60?

I wrote a basic EP last the summer with a couple of collaborations and a couple of solo bits, I wasn’t happy with the way they all fit together and Andy at None60 took a liking to ‘Mukky Riddim’ from when I first sent it over to him for feedback. At the time he also had another track of mine that we were trying to get packed nicely but the two didn’t really fit well, so I went on and made ‘Tempest Dub’ which had the same minerals as ‘Mukky’; what with the somewhat grime sound and both baselines were sampled straight out of my Moog bass synth.

Andy and Dan both really liked it, and thought they both worked well together.

Really happy it’s coming out on none60 too as it’s a label that I’ve admired for a while now, and has some solid releases and artists in the back catalogue along with some really cool stuff forthcoming!

none60, like you, think a bit differently: do you guys get on?

I think they’re a total pair of plumbs! Only playing, I’ve not had the pleasure of exchanging words with Dan, but I’ve been in communication with Andy for a long time now, and we’ve hit it off quite well, I think we have a very similar mindset when it comes to releasing music, and as you can almost certainly imagine we both like to think outside the box.

We’ve even talked about some kind of label collaborations in the future, but nothing set in stone yet, but we’ll definitely be sticking together support wise for the foreseeable future!

Take us through the ‘Mukky Riddim’ and how it came into the world, how was it conceived?

I’d recently treated myself to a Moog Minitaur bass synth while I had my little summer production sprint, and I literally was recording some noises into my computer until the main stab style first note came about.

It kind of reminded me of some old grime records from Musical Mobb, Menta & Wileykat back when grime was being unknowingly created.

I paired the bass with the musical string section which I’d actually just created at the same time for my recent sample pack, then went in on the drums: I wanted to make the track sound almost at the grime tempo but keep it fast enough to play in my own DJ set, so I went with a really strange drum rhythm which taps in around 130bpm, but with a a few extra beats, it’s actually 160bpm which is perfect as I play a lot of similar tempo stuff nowadays anyway…

What’s some mukky rhythms you yourself love? Name five.

Ah you got me…

Lapalux ‘Make Money’
I found sat on my hard drive while putting together my latest few mixes, I can’t get enough of them vibes!

Graphs Posthuman EP
is really killing me at the moment, I’m a big fan of Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge label, and this EP is no exception, I grabbed in on 12″ before really listening to it and ended up playing it out that same night!

My lego man Hyroglifics

… has some total madness on the boil at the moment so keep your eyes open if they’re not already, including his forthcoming EP of brilliance on Critical Music this year!

Fixate is another one who’s got some ridiculous “Muck” so to speak…

He’s got an EP (Throwback Therapy – I think) dropping on Exit soon which I cannot get enough of.

And finally… not due to a lack of available music, but staying true to the question, there’s a tune I done very recently which I’ve been playing out over past couple of months called “The Bunker” which will make the most politest looking old dear pull a screw face.

Can’t wait to let this one out the bag to be honest!!

What will 2015 hold?

I’ve got a track coming on Hospital Record’s Hospitality 2015 album at the end of January, a remix of “Hot Pants” by Hidden Element which is out soon too, a second single on None60 (Yey!), Playing over in Holland in February with Sense which I’m really looking forward to. Quite a few collaborations for Diffrent Music release and I’m trying to get back in the lab with Mauoq to finish some of our many bobs and bits! Oh and a couple of Diffrent events are penciled in!

Tempest Dub/Mukky Riddim

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